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REBOL & Boron Conference 2011

For those who haven't read it in other channels yet:
We are organising a conference for the REBOL family of programming languages, including the current REBOL 2 line, the REBOL 3 in development, and the open source Boron language. The conference will be held on Saturday February 26 in the Netherlands, in the same venue as the conferences for the Syllable operating systems.
We will set up a website for the conference later, but we want to get the word out as soon as possible to gauge interest. If we get international visitors, we have the option to scale up the event to multiple days, including the Friday, to make the journey worth their while. So if you are contemplating coming, or even better if you are interested to give a presentation or demonstration or workshop, please contact Bas de Lange here:

posted by:   Kaj     8-Oct-2010/12:03:41-7:00

The original announcement is here:
There's an AltME channel here:

posted by:   Kaj     8-Oct-2010/12:06:02-7:00

You motivate me to put an event together here in the US...

posted by:   Nick     8-Oct-2010/23:43:49-7:00

That would be cool. Let's have some competition. Just not at the same time, please. :-)

posted by:   Kaj     9-Oct-2010/12:51:28-7:00

The web site for the conference is on-line:

posted by:   Kaj     15-Feb-2011/10:31:04-8:00

I can't make it to the conference, but I'm very interested in the Boron OpenGL Demo. Will you make video recordings available?

posted by:   Nick     16-Feb-2011/10:31:39-8:00

Yes, we will have video recordings afterwards, and probably an AltME channel during the conference.

posted by:   Kaj     16-Feb-2011/21:25:36-8:00

Videos are now available at http://rebolweek.blogspot.com/2011/03/reborcon-2011-quick-report.html . Thank you guys - very exciting!

posted by:   Nick     8-Mar-2011/11:51:31-8:00