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rebol file autoexecution in mac osx

Is it possible to run rebel script directly by clicking the file on MAC osx , without the trouble of opening the view or code terminal first ?

posted by:   Eno       18-Feb-2011/10:09:42-8:00

Yes, if you insert a shebang line at the beginning, making it run like a bash script:
#!/usr/local/bin/rebol -qs
Change the path to rebol to whatever your path is.
Then in the terminal or from Finder, set the permissions to 744:
chmod 744 my-script.r
so the script becomes executable to yourself.
In Finder, set the "Open With:" to Terminal.
If you want to run it from terminal, go to the script directory and type:

posted by:   Henrik       19-Feb-2011/3:04:25-8:00

Henrik, do you mind if I add that to re-bol.com?

posted by:   Nick       19-Feb-2011/7:00:39-8:00

No, go head. :-)

posted by:   Henrik       19-Feb-2011/11:15:21-8:00


posted by:   Nick       19-Feb-2011/22:49:09-8:00

Thanks, it worked. But the terminal window showed up everytime while executing the file, how to run without it like .pyw file?

posted by:   Eno       21-Feb-2011/2:24:07-8:00

That's an anomaly of the current Mac version. I don't think there's a way around it.

posted by:   Kaj       21-Feb-2011/7:59:27-8:00

Solved with DropScript:

posted by:   MaxV       24-Feb-2011/9:39:37-8:00

MaxV, have you used DropScript? Which Mac OS versions does it work on? Very cool find :)

posted by:   Nick       24-Feb-2011/23:49:29-8:00

Ask to TsunKuo Kuo on Facebok, he is the Mac expert

posted by:   MaxV       1-Mar-2011/9:49:29-8:00