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New design for rebolforum.com

Hey! I spent a couple of hours preparing a newer, betterer skin for rebolforum.com. It's a bit bland, but looks and reads at least a bit better than before. Please comment and maybe help convince Nick that this would be an improvement.
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1177666/rebolforum/REBOL%20Forum.htm is the front page example and http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1177666/rebolforum/REBOL%20Forum%20thread.htm is the thread example. I kept the current, <br>-separated thread formatting, but these linebreaks really should be converted into paragraph tags.

posted by:   luminarious       11-Feb-2011/12:52:22-8:00

Looks nice!

posted by:   Kaj       11-Feb-2011/18:28:36-8:00

Looks pretty good. :-)

posted by:   Henrik       12-Feb-2011/4:04:56-8:00

Thank you for helping with the design luminarious! I've always been terrible at graphic layout, so I tend towards minimalism in everything I create. I appreciate your time making the CSS styling - I'll definitely use it as the basis for changes. My preference is towards symmetric, sparse, simple, readable layouts - I'd like to keep just a couple elements of the current design. More feedback about specific colors, centering (I tend to like the centered header and search, but I'm open to the majority preference), and any other potential ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

posted by:   Nick       13-Feb-2011/11:27:11-8:00

Very nice!

posted by:   Endo       14-Feb-2011/4:42:08-8:00

Nick, I decided to not keep the symmetry because on a widescreen it's more rational to put things next to each other and it allowed me to make the header shorter.
I'd like to work with you as time allows to polish it further. This version is but a small refinement of your design and could definitely be improved further, especially the thread view.

posted by:   luminarious       15-Feb-2011/11:05:58-8:00

I suggest a better captcha to be the next priority as we are starting to see spam on this board.

posted by:   Henrik       22-Feb-2011/5:09:58-8:00

We've had over 50,000 unique vistors, and I'd suspect that at least 40,000 of those visitors have been spam bots. There has been 1 single spam message. I'm always open to making improvements, but I've been impressed at how well this simple captcha has been working!

posted by:   Nick       22-Feb-2011/12:09:27-8:00