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Project help

I am looking to hire someone to modify a fairly simple Rebol program. please email edpooler@gmail.com in interested. Thanks!

posted by:   Ed       17-Feb-2011/14:12:06-8:00

How simple is this program?

posted by:   Graham       18-Feb-2011/13:28:33-8:00

It's about 2.1M in size. I guess I'm not sure how simple it is on a programmers perspective, but if you know something about REBOL you should be able to figure it out.

posted by:   Ed       18-Feb-2011/22:30:08-8:00

Hi Ed,
I received your message from the form at com-pute.com, but was out of the country for a while. The email at com-pute.com was so filled with spam that I never saw any message(s) there from you. I'll give you a call to work on any changes you need.

posted by:   Nick       19-Feb-2011/7:07-8:00