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Welcome to the forum! Please try to keep discussions on topic :)

posted by:   Nick       15-May-2010/1:15:03-7:00

Thanks for setting this up Nick.

posted by:   Gregg       16-May-2010/16:24:33-7:00

I hope it gets used!

posted by:   Nick       16-May-2010/23:01:08-7:00

Thanks for the work, I always like simple & clean.

posted by:   Endo       17-May-2010/3:40:51-7:00

I had a simple request to get info from our SAP production system, to compare 2 files of cost center text and output the differences in the text for FY 2011. How do I do it in REBOL?
The record format for file 1 is fixed; example
"201185241008524100ENVIR SERVICES EXECUTIVE     1000SP01A2" and
201185242118524211PERMIT SUPPORT SERVICES DIV 1000SP01A2"
The record format for file 2 is :"852421120100701BUD DEV-HAZ WASZTE SITE CLEANUP"
I need to read the file top get only those with the first 4 of "2011" and the last 2 of "A2".
Then I need to compare user the next 7 characters, which is the cost center, and match with another file to compare the text and output differences.
I think I've got how to read the file and search thru another file for matches, but how do I split/parse file 1 into segments I can use?
I don't seem to "get it." Thanks!!

posted by:   Steve Oldner       17-May-2010/7:30:45-7:00

Sorry about the last post, it should have been somewhere other than the welcome page!
I've been reading vpaviu's REBOL Essentials this weekend and also looking thru Chap 6 -Series and Chap 15 Parsing.    
So when I saw this link in my inbox this morning, I took this to be a sign, thus my excitement.    
Again sorry for the post!

posted by:   Steve Oldner       17-May-2010/7:36:10-7:00

Nick, yours was the first tutorial I read and it is what got me interested in REBOL.    
Good Work!

posted by:   Steve Oldner       17-May-2010/8:11:33-7:00

Thanks Steve :) I responded to your question in your other post.

posted by:   Nick       17-May-2010/10:28:55-7:00

I was out of town for a few days... just got back, and am checking out this forum. Clean and simple.

posted by:   Carl Sassenrath       17-May-2010/14:31:03-7:00

this web forum just proves why we don't need altme. it's very fast and simple. Nothing to install on your machine, and accessible worldwide. That's what a forum should be...just like the rebol philosophy (fight against complexity).
wished they had walked the talk with Altme.

posted by:   yuem       23-May-2010/8:21:01-7:00