REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Cannot use path on word! value Hi guys: I'm trying to change (by code) the state of several toggles every time the user clicks on a check box. This is my code and the error message I receive. Why? How can I do that? Thanks R E B O L [] view layout [ chkAll: check-line "All of them" [ foreach tg [tgA tgB tgC] [tg/state: chkAll/data show tg]] tgA: toggle "A" tgB: toggle "B" tgC: toggle "C" ] ** Script Error: Cannot use path on word! value ** Where: func [face value][foreach tg [tgA tgB tgC] [tg/state: chkAll/data show tg]] ** Near: tg/state: chkAll/data show tg, Posted by: cosacam 25-Mar-2019/9:43:39-7:00 News from: R2 to R3 TCP bridge - how to pass a bytes array? Thanks for inquiring and for pointing me back to the original example. The R2 chat messaging example uses two different ports, port/locate-port to initiate the connection and message the client, port/remote-port to receive messages from the client. I have yet to use a R2 port for two-way messaging as a standard BSD socket, Ren-C to send messages from the remote-port acting as R2 client. The remote-port changes every time a new server instance is launched. I wonder how the client gets the port/remote-port number as all I receive is a 0 length message followed by a routing_ID message. , Posted by: VIDpuzzle 24-Mar-2019/13:33:34-7:00 Hosting Provider for REBOL 2019 Do you know if I could install Cheyenne? , Posted by: Giuseppe Chillemi 21-Mar-2019/20:00:58-7:00 Dobeash SQLite Driver: SQLite ROW error? Hello, I cannot understand this error. Using sqlite.r from in REBOL/View on Windows 2012 R2; SQLite version is 3.15.2 In the most simplified form of what I am trying to do with CTEs, this query works under sqlite3 in a command line window, but fails when called in REBOL: >> >> sql {WITH x AS (select 'a' as study ), { y AS (select 'b' as study ) { select from y LEFT JOIN x ON =} ** User Error: SQLite ROW: sqlite_step() has another row ready ** Near: make error! reform ["SQLite" error] >> Any advice greatly appreciated! -Jack , Posted by: JackKort 21-Mar-2019/14:40:20-7:00 RebGUI - How to Copy Text from Alert Popup? Thank you Fabian! I got pulled onto another project, but I will test this when I can get back to it., Posted by: JackKort 21-Mar-2019/14:23:50-7:00 httpd.r Graham, thanks for the sample code and video. I am trying to connect R2 to R3 without the R2 0MQ bindings hoping it will enhance the solution portability., Posted by: VIDpuzzle 21-Mar-2019/13:15:39-7:00 Random access Gigabyte size text file ; both sides in R2 for now ; port-send data: "Hello )R(en-C" message: 0 ;-- Open the binary TCP socket: print "Opening to send..." connection: off port-connect: does [ if not error? connect-error: try [ server: open/binary/no-wait tcp://localhost:60111 ] [connection: on] ] port-close: does [ if connection [close server] ] blue-220: 0.0.220 blue-163: 0.0.163 view/options layout [ backcolor blue-220 origin 0 label h1 "R2 Server" white return across below banner 200x32 rate 50 effect [gradient 0x1 0.0.150 0.0.50] feel [engage: func [f a e] [ set-face f now/time either not connection [port-connect] [ if connection [ insert server form reduce [(message) data] ++ message connection: false ] ] ] ] below button "Quit" [port-close quit] button "Halt" [port-close halt] ] [no-title], Posted by: VIDpuzzle 3-Mar-2019/21:36:55-8:00 Looking for an efficient way to handle text face offset One last implementation detail when using WITH. para and font get instantiated by setting a property to a value by constrast to a word. In this example using compose and compose/deep gives a different result: different identation for each line when using para [indent/x: 20] text "Test2" 100 0.0.255 255.255.255 para [indent/x: 20] same identation [indent/x: (indent-lvl * pixel-by-tab)] text "Test2" 100 0.0.255 255.255.255 para [indent/x: (indent-lvl * pixel-by-tab)] pixel-by-tab: 10 indent-lvl: 1 grid-font: "times" grid-font-size: 18 grid: [] line-font: [font [name: (grid-font) size: (grid-font-size)]] for line 1 2 1 [ append grid collect [ keep reduce ['text join "Test" line 100 blue white] ; keep compose/deep [para [indent/x: (indent-lvl * pixel-by-tab)]] keep compose [para [indent/x: (indent-lvl * pixel-by-tab)]] keep compose line-font ; keep compose/deep line-font ] ++ indent-lvl ] probe grid view center-face layout [ g: box with [pane: layout/tight grid] ] Same would go for font using [font [name: (grid-font) size: (grid-font-size)]], Posted by: VIDpuzzle 3-Mar-2019/20:28:34-8:00 resize background color Works like a charm! What I love about this forum, is when I ask a question and a few months later, I forgot the answer, I stumble upon the answer when I search the net!, Posted by: VIDpuzzle 1-Mar-2019/16:58:15-8:00 VID 'with' keyword Of course, you can use WITH to hack the INIT block--then things get interesting: view layout [ box green "Foo" with [ init: [ size: 400x400 color: red text: "I've been modified!" ] ] ] However, if you do use your own custom INIT block, you may lose some of each style's special sauce: view layout [ box with [print ["BOX:" mold init]] text with [print ["TEXT:" mold init]] button with [print ["BUTTON:" mold init]] ; etc. ] , Posted by: Chris 28-Feb-2019/17:34:35-8:00