REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Is there a way to parse/all with '|' and ignore double or triple quotes? Wow! Seems to work great, and very concise. Thank you very much, Ingo!, Posted by: JackKort 13-Mar-2018/17:26:55-7:00 WebAssembly Fork, that's fantastic! Cyphre can do the View port, if anyone can get in touch with him., Posted by: Nick 4-Mar-2018/7:33:35-8:00 Need guidance I knew I could not get here before Nick with a reply, but I do have one small thing I could add. It is something that has been helpful for me. When you get your program operating, look for ways to package the code so that parts of it can be used again. If you write a program that produces a receipt, you might later write another program that produces a receipt, and if you could use the code from the first program, that re-use would make it faster to write the second program. As an example, I borrowed Nick's idea from his business programming page and made an example which I put at the link below. You are welcome to it if it could be helpful. You should be able to right-click-download the link, or else view the code in a browser and then copy it out and paste it into a text editor. By the way, I think that my coding style is not so REBOL-like. It took me a long time to understand REBOL and I have had to plod along carefully in order to understand what I was doing. That plodding style has stayed with me. , Posted by: Steven White 2-Mar-2018/11:55:28-8:00 RebGUI - Buttons lose color after mouseover? Thanks again Nick! Your on-click color reset would be good, but my red buttons are all window closers; was hoping to keep them red if user just passed cursor over them. Not a big deal. I'll have to digest what the 'request-ui is all about. Frustrating to me that I keep coming back to REBOL, but never get to devote the time I need to get better at it. I appreciate all your help, but hate to be a constant bother to you, since no one else chimes in here on my newbie questions. Is there another forum (AltME?) you'd rather direct me to for these types of questions? I like your forum's usability and I'm getting great help! Take Care!, Posted by: JackKort 23-Feb-2018/11:29:11-8:00 RebGUI - How to Display a long wrapping text field as Read-Only? Hello Nick, I realize now my text wouldn't wrap b/c I didn't specify a size. I must be doing something wrong in trying to put a VID info in the middle of my form, as nothing was displaying, but your AREA hack works so well I'm going to run with it! Thanks yet again for your help!, Posted by: JackKort 22-Feb-2018/10:38:57-8:00 Does anyone know how to contact Cyphre? I appreciate that Steve :), Posted by: Nick 20-Feb-2018/18:03:17-8:00 RebGUI Screens in Objects - How to Access Widget Values? Thanks Nick! Not just for this response, but for all you do for the REBOL/Red community. You touched on exactly my concern - managing the namespace. That is why I was hoping the text-list would or could be restricted in scope to the "home" object. Sounds like instead I have to give unique names to every text-list I'll use across screens, which I can do, but not as clean as I was hoping I could be. Again, thank you and best regards! , Posted by: JackKort 12-Feb-2018/10:41:05-8:00 Discover if a word exists value? 'data-name-1, Posted by: ange 8-Feb-2018/14:26:56-8:00 TextArea & scrollbar in rebol I finally became frustrated trying to figure out how to use the scroller and then forgetting how to use the scroller, so I made myself a function, based on the examples of others, to scroll any text using any scroller. Perhaps it will help you. It is located here: , Posted by: Steven White 5-Feb-2018/8:44:29-8:00 PASSING PARAMETERS FROM ONE SCRIPT TO ANOTHER Thanks., Posted by: Sam the Truck 23-Jan-2018/19:06:29-8:00