REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics COBOL relative files Steve, I think you're using R2, and there is no /seek refinement for the read function in R2. For that specific 'explicit' approach, R3 is required. The code I provided above works in R2., Posted by: Nick 16-May-2018/21:41:02-7:00 Button to enter text into a VID area This is a little quirky, but kindof works: view layout [ txt: area 300x100 btn "Append" [ unless txt = system/view/focal-face [focus txt] insert system/view/caret "[Some Text]" show txt ] ], Posted by: Chris 10-May-2018/16:41:30-7:00 Linking with musl-libc? Anyone linked Rebol R3 with musl-libc? If so, did that make any difference in terms of performance or reliability?, Posted by: Diogenes 30-Apr-2018/1:27:38-7:00 Discover if a word exists There are a few different ways to manage an unknown, or varying, number of data fields. Basically, storing each record in a block gives you more flexibility. If you store the data 'flat', you're tied to dealing with a predefined 'column and row' structure: [record1-value1 record1-value2 record2-value1 record2-value2] ; etc. If you want to alter/expand the above data structure beyond 2 values per 'record', you need to add an empty value after every 2 two values in the existing data (either manually or with a script). If you enclose each record in its own block, then you can add more values to each record's data structure as needed, without altering any code which deals with the first to values. And, you can always simply check the length of each block to see how many values are already contained in existing nested sub-blocks: [ [record1-value1 record1-value2] [record2-value1 record2-value2] ] If you search for "flatten" at , you'll find some generic code, examples, and explanations to help convert back and forth between 'flat' and nested data structures., Posted by: Nick 13-Apr-2018/10:24:21-7:00 Lots of big news for Red! I am still with REBOL2 too. There are mature solutions I currently user for GUI and coding. I am waiting for RED to become stable to start porting my code there. To help the transintion I have put a bounty to create a TEXT table which everyone needs for business solution. , Posted by: Giuseppe Chillemi 12-Apr-2018/14:58:39-7:00 A little indirection problem with data conversion MOLD will serialize any value. It's sort of like SAVE, though instead of saving somewhere, it just returns a string. COLLECT is a relatively recent feature. Very handy for building up data blocks. Within its context you have KEEP (and KEEP/ONLY) that serve to accumulate values. collect [foreach value [2 4 6][keep pick system/locale/days value]], Posted by: Chris 29-Mar-2018/15:31:42-7:00 Does anyone know how to contact Cyphre? I'm talking about porting all of R2, or some other feature complete version of a Rebol language to run in a web-brower, iDevices, etc., in the same way the Cyphre ported R3 and R3-GUI to run on Android, so that a complete Rebol environment exists to develop and deploy apps on those platforms., Posted by: Nick 29-Mar-2018/9:51:58-7:00 Is there a way to parse/all with '|' and ignore double or triple quotes? Wow! Seems to work great, and very concise. Thank you very much, Ingo!, Posted by: JackKort 13-Mar-2018/17:26:55-7:00 WebAssembly Fork, that's fantastic! Cyphre can do the View port, if anyone can get in touch with him., Posted by: Nick 4-Mar-2018/7:33:35-8:00 Need guidance I knew I could not get here before Nick with a reply, but I do have one small thing I could add. It is something that has been helpful for me. When you get your program operating, look for ways to package the code so that parts of it can be used again. If you write a program that produces a receipt, you might later write another program that produces a receipt, and if you could use the code from the first program, that re-use would make it faster to write the second program. As an example, I borrowed Nick's idea from his business programming page and made an example which I put at the link below. You are welcome to it if it could be helpful. You should be able to right-click-download the link, or else view the code in a browser and then copy it out and paste it into a text editor. By the way, I think that my coding style is not so REBOL-like. It took me a long time to understand REBOL and I have had to plod along carefully in order to understand what I was doing. That plodding style has stayed with me. , Posted by: Steven White 2-Mar-2018/11:55:28-8:00