REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Enhancing my understanding of parse get-address: func [txt strt fnsh] [ x: copy [] parse/all txt [any [thru newline thru strt copy addr to fnsh (append x addr)]to end] x ] my-text: { 00510 1800 W Old Shakopee RD-P1.tif 00510 1800 W Old Shakopee RD-P2.tif 00510 1800 W Old Shakopee RD-P3.tif 00510 9800 PENN AVE S-P1.tif 00510 9800 PENN AVE S-P2.tif 00510 9800 PENN AVE S-P3.tif } editor get-address my-text " " "-", Posted by: Nick 21-Jul-2018/7:35:08-7:00 Rebol/Command Release Date? Can you send me a link on R3 ODBC?, Posted by: R 20-Jul-2018/18:01:24-7:00 Does anyone know how to contact Cyphre? But some input as to what is wanted is needed. I very much doubt I will be developing apps in the browser using VID so those that want this need to speak up., Posted by: Graham 11-Jul-2018/18:59:37-7:00 Red: How to Pass Authentication for HTTPS URL Read? Just use rebol3 which supports all of this., Posted by: Graham 8-Jul-2018/16:30:09-7:00 Parsing a COBOL word That would have to become COBOLWORD: [ 1 LETTER 0 29 [LETTER | DIGIT | "-"] ] Because 1 letter is also very valid as a variable. , Posted by: iArnold 8-Jul-2018/15:33:21-7:00 Parse rule question The previous example will also cope with missing sections and out of order sections (assuming the SCRIPT section is always at the end). Alternatively, if you are confident that all of your files are always structured correctly then you could simplify it further. e.g. parse/case LIST-FILE-DATA [ thru "TITLE" copy LIST-TITLE to "SUMMARY" thru "SUMMARY" copy LIST-SUMMARY to "DOCUMENTATION" thru "DOCUMENTATION" copy LIST-DOCUMENTATION to "SCRIPT" thru "SCRIPT" copy LIST-SCRIPT to end ] -J, Posted by: johnk 5-Jul-2018/22:13:17-7:00 Parse an html form inputnames: copy [] parse htmlform [ any [thru {name="} copy nm to {"} (append inputnames nm)] to end ] editor inputnames (Note that you don't really every need the first parse in your example), Posted by: Nick 29-Jun-2018/11:03:03-7:00 Keypress to value You said "get a corresponding value from a keypress of cursor up/down". Perhaps the intent is something like this? R E B O L [] view layout [ f: field 50 "0" origin key keycode [up] [f/text: form 1 + do f/text show f] key keycode [down] [f/text: form (do f/text) - 1 show f] ], Posted by: Nick 12-Jun-2018/17:42:48-7:00 COBOL relative files Steve, I think you're using R2, and there is no /seek refinement for the read function in R2. For that specific 'explicit' approach, R3 is required. The code I provided above works in R2., Posted by: Nick 16-May-2018/21:41:02-7:00 Button to enter text into a VID area This is a little quirky, but kindof works: view layout [ txt: area 300x100 btn "Append" [ unless txt = system/view/focal-face [focus txt] insert system/view/caret "[Some Text]" show txt ] ], Posted by: Chris 10-May-2018/16:41:30-7:00