REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics AltME chat replacement in REBOL and Meta launched The AltME archive at is dependent on a headless AltME client that isn't always reliable. If I can figure out how to log back in with said client (Graham or John may know how) then the archive should sync up again., Posted by: Chris 23-Sep-2022/21:16:44-7:00 Save WAV Oldes, thank you very much., Posted by: Sergey_Vl 10-Aug-2022/8:02:09-7:00 What I'm using now instead of Rebol Graham, I just noticed that someone in the Anvil community wrapped the chessboard.js library: As a learning exercise, I'd like to implement the saving and replaying of games, as you did., Posted by: Nick 8-Aug-2022/14:50:41-7:00 Meta entry into the ABBUC Software Contest 2022 I sent in an entry for the ABBUC Software Contest 2022, written in Meta: List-XEX Segments lister for Atari 8-bit binary program files For Atari 8-bit, Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD It will be private to ABBUC members until their yearly meeting, after which I will publish the program., Posted by: Kaj de Vos 1-Aug-2022/11:26:28-7:00 New Meta language launched, for Atari 8-bit Daniel, I published a CGI example here., Posted by: Kaj 26-Jul-2022/5:34:14-7:00 New REBOL language Meta name revealed, website launched Interesting indeed. Thanks for that link. Facebook has had many similar suits in the past., Posted by: Kaj 21-Jul-2022/13:44:45-7:00 OpenME Sorry... Both the server and the client are there, if they worked for a long time, then I donít think there are good reasons not to work now. We can always take older versions of the required software., Posted by: Sergey_Vl 19-Jul-2022/3:34:28-7:00 'change' and position element - bug? Thank you. I need to understand more about SERIES! and other Rebol fundamentals., Posted by: Sergey_Vl 11-Jul-2022/7:39:32-7:00 New Meta language released for Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD & OpenBSD Thank you very much for the time and careful consideration of your replies., Posted by: Sam the Truck 5-Jul-2022/9:34:18-7:00 Text-list control Thanks very match. This is what I was looking for! 1) do [ b/picked: copy b/data/1 ] 2) pos: 2 ... key keycode [down] [ pos: pos + 1 b/picked: copy b/data/(pos) show b ], Posted by: Sergey_vl 31-May-2022/17:36:18-7:00