REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Cannot download package Sorry. Console. On cell., Posted by: Danie. 11-Jan-2018/5:11:19-8:00 Normal way to compile a standalone executable in Rebol 2. I've always done this for in-house apps: Honestly, I prefer to simply install Rebol and distribute the .r script files, for in-house apps. If you want to distribute commercial R2 apps in which your code is protected better from prying eyes, you'll need to look at SFX packagers which provide better obfuscation., Posted by: Nick 10-Jan-2018/11:47:45-8:00 Red dialect (DSL) whose code-name is Red/CCC (Cross Chain Code). with GUI My whole "batteries included" GUI pitch might seem obnoxious to the purist but has a "firm" foundation in utilization of technology and history of winners. The best is not often the most used. The most easily accessible is. VHS vs. Beta. PHP? no one calls it the best language. JavaScript. "C" programming language and it's tool chain. The Unix operating system. There's a whole article on this somewhere about how in Unix the East coast version was made to be good enough with tons of holes but easy to patch up to do whatever was needed. Look at Common LISP. Widely seen as very sophisticated but instead people use JAVA. I think Doc's abhorrence to a portable GUI is marketing based and a revulsion at the look of Rebol. I think he believes that any cheesy looking GUI that pops up instead of the native GUI will taint his product as some Chiclet thing with funny graphics. He may very well be right but the simple GUI will be much more portable. Write it in RED system as a library with all the VID stuff at a higher level. Use the native GUI on the larger platforms. The solution to this problem is to have the small built in GUI not be built in. Call it a "portable GUI" and make it a library added to the console. That way people that use it will understand it's just the "portable version" and not the full course native GUI. So you retain all the virtues of a easily ported GUI without the negative connotations of the "portable GUI" unless it's needed and if so there it is., Posted by: Sam the Truck 6-Jan-2018/10:32:03-8:00 parse question thanks Rebolek. Wow I have a long way to go, before I get to that level of code :-) I will need to digest your code and try to convert it into rebol. I have not played with Red yet, so still plodding along learning Rebol. , Posted by: momo 30-Nov-2017/22:23:10-8:00 'call' function in Windows 10 I'd be willing to bet you need to use call/show, instead of 'call. The operation of 'call changed during the last few releases of Rebol2 - call/show switched between being default and a refinement. If you had a slightly different version of Rebol on each machine, that would explain the difference. Call/show does work in Windows 10., Posted by: Nick 30-Nov-2017/21:53:47-8:00 the tone of everything i've read about rebol Thanks Chris, that's great to see., Posted by: Nick 26-Nov-2017/22:55:11-8:00 Counting leading spaces Note that charsets can also be defined like this: charset [#"0" - #"9" #"A" - #"Z" #"a" - #"z"], Posted by: Nick 23-Nov-2017/7:02:48-8:00 Read lines of text from clipboard BLK1: parse/all STR1 "^/" , Posted by: sqlab 22-Nov-2017/3:40:53-8:00 read from secure sites I think Red support newest tls secure protocol. So: - use Red - or compile a Red script to generate executable; and then, you will use call in a Rebol script to call the executable, Posted by: JLM 14-Nov-2017/16:17:06-8:00 URL join question "what's the difference between write and write to file ?" Not to pretend to read your mind, but the phrasing of your question reminds me of a difficulty I had with REBOL when I first encountered it. As explained above, the coding you were questioning was not "write to file" as in a command to write something into a file, but was the "write" function, followed by the "to" function to generate a file name out of a string. The "to" function requires, as its first argument, a data type declaration, in this case "file!" (note the exclamation mark). The "to" function then passed the generated file name back to the "write" function which was expecting a file name as its first argument. I came from a background of computer languages that were more command-oriented (do this, do that, do something else) and so when I first saw REBOL I thought it must follow that paradigm and so in my mind I kept trying to look for that pattern, and it was a bit confusing for a long time., Posted by: Steven White 13-Nov-2017/9:14:31-8:00