REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Setting data types at run time I am not 100% sure if the goal is to generalize the column count COLUMNS/:CNT/2 If so I would access COLUMNS/:CNT/n with pick COLUMNS/:CNT n Also use switch or case instead of if statements?, Posted by: VIDpuzzle 16-Jan-2019/7:46:12-8:00 VID - create runtime variables I'll need to ponder over your code. I intend to emulate a listbox for which each line contains several colored columns and several variable length colored text. I want to update one line or even one text chunk at a time. Thanks for the sample code! , Posted by: VIDpuzzle 9-Jan-2019/12:54:06-8:00 Sending email with gmail or some other method You could try Gmail's SMTP server, but Rebol 2's secure protocols are becoming increasingly dated:, Posted by: Chris 6-Jan-2019/10:25:56-8:00 Mouse Wheel useless? Agreed. Trouble was that development shifted to Rebol 3 before everything in Rebol 2 was fully documented. Sadly Rebol 3 GUI work halted before it ever made it to reasonably complete or cross-platform state and some of the quirks of the Rebol 2 system were neither addressed nor documented. All in all a discouraging state of affairs where the potential is so great. On the plus side, Red is pushing ahead with its own take on View/VID and Ren-C will persevere with an attempt at getting Rebol into the browser controlling the DOM. Still enough bright points to have hope..., Posted by: Chris 28-Dec-2018/17:25:33-8:00 JSON endpoint into Rebol client app Perhaps not QM, but you could take a look at HTTPd--it's a fairly elementary web server that is reasonably straightforward to work with. Here's a basic setup that will take a request for data and respond. (HTTPd is somewhat experimental). Let me know if that works and see if we can add to it a bit., Posted by: Chris 19-Dec-2018/17:34:45-8:00 How to use a face in a layout? Do you have some pseudocode for what you're trying to do? You can customize buttons or other custom styles in VID using STYLE and STYLIZE: view layout [ style BLUE-BUTTON: BUTTON blue with [ additions-to-the-underlying-face-object: yes ] blue-button "I'm Blue" blue-button "So am I" ] , Posted by: Chris 16-Dec-2018/23:10:05-8:00 Recursive Parse Thanks Chris. This was a minimal example, I'll try to see if recursive is necessary or not for the bigger picture., Posted by: lib0 11-Dec-2018/6:44:13-8:00 Is there a cheatsheet to make VID faces act more like Win32 GUI elements? Ran across this: Thanks for the compliment, by the way. , Posted by: Steven White 7-Dec-2018/15:09:44-8:00 Installing Rebol in a Mac OS Thanks everybody for the recommendations. I was able to untar the file. In fact, this version of the MacOS did have already the ability to decompress it without the need to install other tools. I also discovered that OS would not run the Rebol file because it was not downloaded from iTunes nor it was from a "recognized" publisher. However, I went to the control panel afterwards, to security settings, and found an option to run the file nonetheless. I hope that this experience happens to be standard enough to be useful to others. Thanks again!, Posted by: Brother Damian 5-Dec-2018/8:31:12-8:00 Calling programs on Windows 10 > If I run on a Windows 10 computer the > call to the powershell script is not > working somehow because the csv file > expected from the powershell script does > not appear. You should see just how much (if any) of the powershell script is running. Try it with a script that just echoes text. If it turns out even the shortest possible powershell script isn't working, then that shows you one thing. But if it does work on that and it's something about your *particular* script, then you need to use process elimination to find out the smallest possible script with the problem. The StackOverflow people emphasize the concept of a "Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example", or MCVE:, Posted by: Fork 30-Nov-2018/16:57:09-8:00