REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics What I'm using now instead of Rebol I used Metro to layout my music instruction business website (completed while watching the superbowl): I've also gotten into using MDB. I actually purchased their commercial version (the first tool aside from Anvil and A2 hosting that I've paid for in many years)., Posted by: Nick 17-Feb-2023/9:41:57-8:00 Cube going round -> hidden surfaces Of course it is in Finnish! Good thing you solved your problem. I found a rotating cube in R2 on another site of Nick here You will see it is even possible to do this in Rebol without using the intermediate step with saving all those pictures z: 10 h: z * 12 j: negate h c: as-pair z * 5 z * 5 l: z * 4 w: z * 20 img: to-image layout [box effect [draw [pen logo.gif circle c l]]] q: make object! [x: 0 y: 0 z: 0] cube: [[h h j] [h h h] [h j j] [h j h] [j h j] [j h h] [j j j] [j j h]] view center-face layout [ f: box 400x400 rate 0 feel [engage: func [f a e] [ b: copy [] q/x: q/x + 5 q/y: q/y + 8 q/z: q/z + 3 repeat n 8 [ p: reduce pick cube n ; point zx: (p/1 * cosine q/z) - (p/2 * sine q/z) - p/1 zy: (p/1 * sine q/z) + (p/2 * cosine q/z) - p/2 yx: (p/1 + zx * cosine q/y) - (p/3 * sine q/y) - p/1 - zx yz: (p/1 + zx * sine q/y) + (p/3 * cosine q/y) - p/3 xy: (p/2 + zy * cosine q/x) - (p/3 + yz * sine q/x) - p/2 - zy append b as-pair (p/1 + yx + zx + w) (p/2 + zy + xy + w) ] f/effect: [draw [ fill-pen polygon b/6 b/2 b/4 b/8 image img b/6 b/5 b/1 b/2 fill-pen polygon b/2 b/1 b/3 b/4 fill-pen polygon b/1 b/5 b/7 b/3 fill-pen polygon b/5 b/6 b/8 b/7 fill-pen polygon b/8 b/4 b/3 b/7 ]] show f ]] ], Posted by: Arnold 31-Jan-2023/14:40:27-8:00 REBOL dialect Meta released for web browsers The chat forum is currently the place for many details about Meta that are in the process of firming up. You can find them by reading the history., Posted by: Kaj 19-Jan-2023/6:28:28-8:00 New Meta language released for Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD & OpenBSD The Red compiler doesn't have such a compiler dialect, and in REBOL and the Red interpreter the notion is completely absent, because the interpreter makes everything up as it goes, only doing type checking per function every time it encounters one and needs to execute it. Red's compiler is just un unrolled interpreter loop, basically doing the same thing and even leaving out checks that the interpreter does. Red's compiler is already as slow as REBOL's interpreter. Doing all the same checks, it might become as slow as the Red interpreter. Meta's DO dialect is a fully statically checked Ahead-Of-Time compiler. It can catch many errors at compile time, while still retaining REBOL's free code format. Lisp's parentheses are allowed to structure the code more, but not required, like in Logo. The semantics of the code are the same, as long as you start at the same point in the code. REBOL and Red only know for sure after execution, but Meta knows before execution., Posted by: Kaj 17-Jan-2023/4:11:47-8:00 Happy Holidays! Thank you all for keeping Rebol relative. Happy New Rebol Year., Posted by: Inetw3 30-Dec-2022/5:01:47-8:00 ChatGPT knows Rebol ZZecret, because it will be the secret tool of choice. Only people that do not think like all the others will start at the end of the list of programming languages., Posted by: Arnold 23-Dec-2022/16:55:08-8:00 Meta entry into the ABBUC Software Contest 2022 Thanks, yeah, not only GCC works in reversed ways. ;-) True, the few non-games tend to be ignored. On the other hand, if you look at the votes given by the members, they are spread over all entries with not that much spread between them. And the ABBUC is the one sponsoring Meta's development this way, so Atari is still the most important target platform. :-), Posted by: Kaj 15-Dec-2022/17:19:03-8:00 String to date This seems more elegant, Nick. However, on Red had to use load command instead of to-date., Posted by: mbenam 9-Oct-2022/13:28:44-7:00 AltME chat replacement in REBOL and Meta launched The AltME archive at is dependent on a headless AltME client that isn't always reliable. If I can figure out how to log back in with said client (Graham or John may know how) then the archive should sync up again., Posted by: Chris 23-Sep-2022/21:16:44-7:00 Save WAV Oldes, thank you very much., Posted by: Sergey_Vl 10-Aug-2022/8:02:09-7:00