REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Question about 'call' function That was a little hack. The 'call function simply requires the user to respond to the security requestor immediately when the app starts. That way, when the sound is played, the app has already been given the security permission it needs to continue, without having to pause at that point. The 'call function doesn't perform any action - it's just a dummy forcing Rebol to raise the security dialogue (any other function which raises the security dialogue could be use in its place). You could also choose to run Rebol from the command line with the -s option, to provide the same permission without any user interaction., Posted by: Nick 15-May-2019/7:43:06-7:00 Rebol Developers Conference 2019 > That's slick. How much money do you anticipate is needed? You mean to get a VID-like system that's capable of doing most of what's in your tutorial here? It would be possible to go down the "draw your own scrollbar" kind of path in WASM, which would kind of be rehashing history: I don't recommend that. To me it seems more forward-looking to be able to compose in html in a familiar way...and today's web devs expect to go to the browser DOM inspector and see the parts. So I'd with something like what Brian Otto and Graham are looking into, like vue.js: Your tutorial would thus need some adjusting and you'd have to establish expectations with the dev(s) about what would please you in a more "page oriented" spin. So I think an important aspect is your availability to stay involved as management. And we're also looking at putting tutorial material itself into the console. Here's a rough little proof of concept that Brian Otto put together in a couple of evenings, to spur some thinking: Given JavaScript developer average salary in the US is $72k/yr, I don't know exactly what the right financial tradeoff is to get someone's time who is good enough to pull it off. Though I think several factors come into play to make working on JS in Rebol more attractive that would get a talented person to want to be involved. (ability to work remotely, being fully open source, and for the right person it would be more 'fun' than a 'normal' job) People who work with international candidates might have better ideas. I'd suggest looking on StackOverflow for people who show a good working style in Q&A, and seeing who might be recruited for that. But we'd have to know exactly what we were asking them to do before they'd be able to price it out. , Posted by: Fork 9-May-2019/8:43:47-7:00 More parsing confusion This method of comment removal doesn't actually work, because you have to consider comments inside strings. Interestingly enough, I was writing a parse rule that did actual comment removal last week (uses the Ren-C/Red-ism AHEAD, but shows the general method): > What does the "begin:" mean? Rebol has historically used SET-WORD!s to capture the current parse position into a variable. Hence the SET is referring to setting the variable. Correspondingly it has used GET-WORD!s to seek the parse position to the position held in that variable. I think this is questionable. For one thing it was hard for me in the beginning to know SET-WORD! didn't mean "set the parse position", and GET-WORD! didn't mean "get the parse position". But also it seems a keyword like SEEK would be clearer (you'd have been less confused, right?) > And why is there the ":begin" at the end of the "remove" line? The parse position was at the end of the line. If you remove material from the start of the comment to the end of the line, the parse position will now be out of date, and somewhere on a future line. Seeking to the index saved in the `begin` variable puts you at the right place for processing the next comment. R3-Alpha and Red have a REMOVE command in the parse dialect that takes care of this problem in one swoop. You say `remove [...rule...]` and it will effectively mark the begin, end, and fix up the position. > And why is there the "any" in the rule? The rule inside the ANY finds and removes one comment. If your goal is to remove several comments, you need some rule that does ANY or SOME. In writing my own comment removal rule linked above, I gained an understanding of how WHILE is different from ANY, and why it is necessary to have:, Posted by: Fork 8-May-2019/17:34:54-7:00 Parsing to find a multi-word phrase OK, that's funny (as in ha ha). It looks like your response mentioned above was a response to a question I asked. We have come in a circle. I will read it again. I seem to be experiencing a steepening "forgetting curve" where things that are not reinforced often enough are forgotten. Time to retire perhaps. But some good has come of it. I never have heard of "gist" until just now. , Posted by: Steven White 26-Apr-2019/16:20:34-7:00 Cannot use path on word! value Ok, after digging anywhere I took an idea from vid-build.r, here is the solution: R E B O L [] view w: layout [ ; use w to get every face in the layout ; next, use face instead of tg so i can reach the state refinement ; of course, not all faces are toggles so check it out first chkAll: check-line "All of them" [foreach face w/pane [if face/style = 'toggle [face/state: chkAll/data show face]]] tgA: toggle "A" tgB: toggle "B" tgC: toggle "C" ] Now it works fine, Posted by: cosacam 29-Mar-2019/11:02:36-7:00 News from: R2 to R3 TCP bridge - how to pass a bytes array? Thanks for inquiring and for pointing me back to the original example. The R2 chat messaging example uses two different ports, port/locate-port to initiate the connection and message the client, port/remote-port to receive messages from the client. I have yet to use a R2 port for two-way messaging as a standard BSD socket, Ren-C to send messages from the remote-port acting as R2 client. The remote-port changes every time a new server instance is launched. I wonder how the client gets the port/remote-port number as all I receive is a 0 length message followed by a routing_ID message. , Posted by: VIDpuzzle 24-Mar-2019/13:33:34-7:00 Hosting Provider for REBOL 2019 Do you know if I could install Cheyenne? , Posted by: Giuseppe Chillemi 21-Mar-2019/20:00:58-7:00 Dobeash SQLite Driver: SQLite ROW error? Hello, I cannot understand this error. Using sqlite.r from in REBOL/View on Windows 2012 R2; SQLite version is 3.15.2 In the most simplified form of what I am trying to do with CTEs, this query works under sqlite3 in a command line window, but fails when called in REBOL: >> >> sql {WITH x AS (select 'a' as study ), { y AS (select 'b' as study ) { select from y LEFT JOIN x ON =} ** User Error: SQLite ROW: sqlite_step() has another row ready ** Near: make error! reform ["SQLite" error] >> Any advice greatly appreciated! -Jack , Posted by: JackKort 21-Mar-2019/14:40:20-7:00 RebGUI - How to Copy Text from Alert Popup? Thank you Fabian! I got pulled onto another project, but I will test this when I can get back to it., Posted by: JackKort 21-Mar-2019/14:23:50-7:00 httpd.r Graham, thanks for the sample code and video. I am trying to connect R2 to R3 without the R2 0MQ bindings hoping it will enhance the solution portability., Posted by: VIDpuzzle 21-Mar-2019/13:15:39-7:00