REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Personal Programming Cool Steven :) Here's a similar variation which displays any complete year in one VID layout, and allows for editing of events on any date:, Posted by: Nick 19-Aug-2017/6:52:13-7:00 PubNub Have been reading about WebRTC and Rebol. Came across PubNub, 70 SDKs, but not one for Rebol. Could PubNub bolster Rebol's communication capabilities? WebRTC has been around for awhile, but its quite new to me., Posted by: Wilson 10-Aug-2017/8:50:15-7:00 Notable News Items for Rebol Thanks Fork., Posted by: SamTheTruck 9-Aug-2017/0:12:53-7:00 Rebol Book? There are books. I have then somewhere...Here's some. and here, scroll down , Posted by: Sam the Truck 9-Aug-2017/0:09:47-7:00 We Are Rebol Rebol is indeed a philosophy. "Most software systems have become needlessly complex. We rebel against that complexity, fighting it with the most powerful tool available, language itself." The first words of But maybe that's a heretical view in the IT industry. And the reason why enthusiastic industry acceptance has yet to happen. Programmers invest a lot learning both their complex languages and the IT trade. They build their lives around the model. Like most establishments, they probably weren't happy to see someone shaking their tree. Fighting the establishment isn't always a good idea. There can be heavy casualties and long conflicts. Giving the establishment a powerful tool to make them more powerful is a better idea. RE, for Relative Expression, might have been a better name than REBOL. No connotations to rub the establishment the wrong way. The common usage of re being: "about". About what? Time to write and ease of coding, speed of deployment, less risk of errors, communicating with data, understanding code. Efficiency. A less antagonist philosophy working with the establishment instead of working against it. REBOL is not a programming language in that it is certainly not a common, ordinary, programming language. In the right hands REBOL is very powerful, extremely efficient. for the new generation. , Posted by: Arthur 2-Aug-2017/20:00:51-7:00 REBOL Code Editor recommended on LINUX machine ? I like the handle. BTW, I use a router in my 3G internet set up. Might make a difference in how well poor signal are handled. Routers that use a 3G dongle or Surfstick are very portable - but I have found that finding compatible modems to be very difficult. Slightly larger routers that accept SIM cards just don't have the Surfstick compatibility issue. Using a mobile (cell) phone as the gateway to the internet might determine if a router could resolve the connection issues. I think there was once an editor in REBOL that had coloured text, but can't recall it exactly. Great editor Nick. Changing the font last! And being from the old days, green text on a black background, much appreciated. Easy on the eyes., Posted by: Cal 31-Jul-2017/18:22:02-7:00 UDP Connection over Internet Oh , i forget to say that i only have a USB Surfstick for Internet. The matter is as follows: From time to time the surfstick isn't recognised by the operation system and i must plug it out and in again. Then.... i have a new IP adress. After the surfstick is new recognised as hardware on the system. Not during a permanent Internet connection. Is that normal for a surfstick ?, Posted by: Mennohexo 30-Jul-2017/11:30:39-7:00 waht is the difference between a port and a port ? Ya , interesting stuff. i have the Sterjo Netstalker to see EVERY port that is open. surprised how many UDP ports are normally open by using a operating system such like windows. , Posted by: Mennohexo 30-Jul-2017/8:37:28-7:00 Drop Down into Field If you provide some part of the code example you're trying to create, you're more likely for someone to be able to help., Posted by: Nick 29-Jul-2017/22:02:11-7:00 Encryption of smtp pop mail ? Rebol can send and receive email using secure smtp and secure pop3. If you also want to encrypt the contents, you can do that, or use pgp. All of this can be automated., Posted by: Graham 29-Jul-2017/20:54:38-7:00