REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics Make a block with name supplied at run time This would make a good StackOverflow question. (When something is more conversational and less Q&A...e.g. the kind of thing StackOverflow prohibits...forums are good. But something like this is of general interest, and having access to Markdown formatting and being able to edit and improve posts is worthwhile.) You will probably find the answer to this question illustrative, in particular the part after "But producing a SET-PATH! doesn't mean it runs.", Posted by: Fork 23-Oct-2017/18:26:51-7:00 PASSING PARAMETERS FROM ONE SCRIPT TO ANOTHER If you use Windows, you could use the clipboard if you don't suddenly use it for something else and cause a conflict: R E B O L [] write %passtest2.r {R E B O L [] PASSED-TEXT: read clipboard:// print ["passtest2 has received " PASSED-TEXT] halt } write clipboard:// "Hello" print "Calling passtest2.r" launch %passtest2.r print "passtest2.r has been called" halt , Posted by: Steven White 23-Oct-2017/13:15:44-7:00 I cancel and action in a script, but it happens anyway. Why? That's one of the things I've done in the super short examples to keep from having to add many extra lines (along with one letter words, etc.). In production code I use more readable style, descriptive words, etc. , Posted by: Nick 12-Oct-2017/4:34:37-7:00 I need some help finishing this small program Those are all great arguments - thanks Chris :), Posted by: Nick 11-Oct-2017/20:53:47-7:00 PubNub Didn't hear PubNub before but probably it uses Websocket, not WebRTC which is mostly for audio/video over HTTP. If PubNub APIs use HTTP and JSON, should't be difficult to write a Rebol protocol. But there is currently none I guess., Posted by: Endo 8-Oct-2017/10:01-7:00 Full Circle BTW, has anyone used IMGUI for a project?, Posted by: Nick 8-Oct-2017/9:54:44-7:00 Refining my understanding of words Endo, of course, don't know why I didn't think to clarify that. To be clear: x: now ; the same value going forward y: :now ; a different value each time, Posted by: Nick 8-Oct-2017/9:13:41-7:00 Opera Browser I am posting this from Opera 48.0 (portable version). Everything looks good to me. So I'd back Nick's suggestion that the problem is not in Opera - not an official download, anyway. Portable Opera etc ... Lots of zero-install (i.e. no messing with Windows' Registry) software here:, Posted by: Sunanda 2-Oct-2017/2:53:28-7:00 text-list Iontab, Yes you're right, the 'd data does apparently get bound to the displayed fields in the 'text-list. I really don't know why Carl/whoever made that design decision in some of VID's widgets, but that's one of the little gotchas in VID that can catch you if you don't know to look for it. I do know that the first version of Rebol used copies of all series by default, but they changed that behavior to improve performance. I don't remember if RebGUI or R3-GUI or RED's GUI does such a binding, but if so, just remember to use a copy. You'll develop some intuition about when when to use 'copy just by dealing with more series in Rebol. Steve, Yes, your initial understanding is correct. The 'do function only gets evaluated once, when the layout is evaluated (the designers of R3-GUI did remove 'do entirely from the layout block, BTW). It's just used in the example above to set an initial state for the picked item in the text list. After that, the text-list properties are set as you'd expect (/picked is the value which the user has currently picked)., Posted by: Nick 28-Sep-2017/10:04:08-7:00 sort/skip size question Those ARE the same. White space doesn't make any difference: >> x: [ sam curtis england ali pretzel france ] == [sam curtis england ali pretzel france] >> y: [ sam curtis england [ ali pretzel france ] == [sam curtis england ali pretzel france ] >> x = y == true What's not the same: >> z: ["sam" "curtis" "england" "ali" "pretzel" "france" ] == ["sam" "curtis" "england" "ali" "pretzel" "france"] >> x = z == false >> type? x/1 == word! >> type? z/1 == string!, Posted by: Nick 20-Sep-2017/22:00:51-7:00