REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics want to make a screen independent mainwindow ? uh double message. here. cool Thanks, Posted by: Mennohexo 24-Jun-2017/15:03:25-7:00 want to make a screen independent mainwindow ? Cool , yeah. , Posted by: Mennohexo 24-Jun-2017/15:02:24-7:00 Multiplying large blocks of data? 'Copy ensures that any previous values in the block are erased., Posted by: Nick 24-Jun-2017/6:36:11-7:00 Resize picture in R3 Any way to use it on the fly without Stylize ? , Posted by: Giuseppe Chillemi 23-Jun-2017/16:57:46-7:00 crash In the spirit of "Cool URIs don't change"... Statically serving the links that were previously available, and delegating search/etc. to Google or whoever, and removing any further uploading to the archival linkbase seems fine. It seems a sound strategy which is not incompatible with any future plan. Obviously nothing happens terribly fast in Rebolverse. Someone once said that its development schedule was "synchronized with the Clock of the Long Now". But it feels to me like, if people are willing to *allow* for progress, it will happen., Posted by: Fork 17-Jun-2017/13:11:09-7:00 Dialect Creation Tutorial? Some were forgotten that were on the "USEFUL REBOL DOCUMENTS AND RESOURCES" page of the forum here. Introduction to the idea of creating Rebol dialects: Another introductory explanation, with links to articles with code: One link included in the topic above is the article by Ingo Hohmann about the TUI dialect, still one of the best articles about creating dialects. Mirrored here: Some others: posted by: Nick 24-Jan-2014/2:52:17-8:00, Posted by: Sam the Truck 15-Jun-2017/19:54:43-7:00 Editor with REBOL syntax highligthning. Are there ones ? I use vim because it is available on all the computers I use and I don't have to learn new stuff. It has some syntax highlighting that I can't say for sure is for REBOL syntax, but it is enough to be helpful. , Posted by: Steven White 15-Jun-2017/12:32:38-7:00 make a linux executable Thanks Graham , and when GUI is part of the application? , Posted by: Mennohexo 14-Jun-2017/10:49:35-7:00 Notable News Items for Rebol Since making Linux executables has come up...I'll also mention that there is Rebol3 progress on things like encapping, which we do in usermode as a Rebol script, not with C: It's just starting out. But the way we're doing it is fancier than what Rebol2 does (for ELF and Windows PE formats). Rebol2 seems to just append the data, this means it won't survive STRIP or other modifications, such as maybe changing icon resources on Windows which would shuffle and add segments to the file. For instance: try doing `strip` on Red's encapped executable, and it stops working., Posted by: Fork 13-Jun-2017/19:17:39-7:00 compiling Rebol script in Linux ? Yeah , a executable script. The best is to make a new post for that. , Posted by: Mennohexo 13-Jun-2017/17:15:10-7:00