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Glass Released

Max has released Glass, an alternative GUI system based on dataflow concepts:

posted by:   Nick     21-Jan-2011/8:51:38-8:00


posted by:   Endo     24-Jan-2011/5:20:04-8:00

Thanks (blush :)

posted by:   Nick     24-Jan-2011/12:45:49-8:00

any one has tried it ?    
would like to have some feedback. is it better than VID ?

posted by:   yuem     30-Jan-2011/22:41:08-8:00

What would you consider better?

posted by:   Kaj     31-Jan-2011/0:45:55-8:00

The examples that come in the above download are straightforward and comfortably REBOLish. They should be easy enough to follow, just by reading the comments. In the tutorial in the /docs folder, Max says that the high level dialect may change, so expect some eventual changes to the syntax. It sounds like Windows is the only OS that Glass has been tested on fully.
The immediate appearance of Glass looks more modern than VID, window resizing works nicely, and there are some cool demonstrated effects, such as the sliding panels in the file browser demo.
Here are the styles that Max lists as currently included in Glass (it strikes me that a grid/table style is missing):
label                : basic text label
title                : big bold label
subtitle            : smaller title
headline            : smaller subtitle
bold-label            : same as label but bold
auto-label            : auto-resizing label
auto-bold-label        : auto-resizing bold-label
auto-title            : auto-resizing title
auto-subtitle        : auto-resizing subtitle
requestor-title        : title used by the requestor group
progress : simple progress bar
field             : standard field with very advanced focus and scrollwheel support
short-field        : same as field but smalll by default
scroller        : standard scroller with plugs to automatically control other styles (like list)
button            : a button, what can I say
thin-button        : a button with a thinner fond
link-button        : a button without border until highlighted
toggle            : a statefull button.
icon            : a button with an image an optional label, integrated into icon set lib, very powerfull.
tool-icon        : same as icon but using a different icon set name (see crypt keeper for details)
list            : a standard list style, without scrollbar
droplist        : a list which scales in size as it has items.
POP-UP styles
choice            : a drop down choice, supports an optional scrollbar which pops if there are to many items.
column            : invisible vertical layout group
row                : invisible horizontal layout group
vframe            : same as column with an edge
hframe            : same as row with an edge
pane            : shows an image as-is, possibly deprecated (can't rememeber ;-)
vcavity            : column with a smooth shadow recess edge
hcavity            : row with a smooth shadow recess edge
tool-row        : a row which is used as the backdrop behind icon toolbars
title-bar        : style which builds a window title bar, using a glassy reflection.
vdrop-frame        : an hframe which has a drop shadow at its top
hdrop-frame        : a vframe which has a drop shadow at its top
GROUP styles
scrolled-list    : a powerfull list group which has a scroller, a title, and filter box (and other options)
requestor        : base class to make modal requestors
scroll-frame    : My greatest achievement, a clipping frame with scrollers if layout is larger than view
elastic            : fills up space in x an y direction also causes stretching
hstretch        : elastic only in x
vstretch        : elastic only in y
pad                : fills up space without stretching
shadow-hseparator    : a little drop shadow (will be renamed)
upshadow-hseparator    : a little up shadow (will be renamed)
window            : a layout wrapper which opens a window on the desktop.
I'd like to hear more from Max, and especially see more demos, about the practical real world benefits of dataflow driven design. I've read some of his documents in the past, but I absorb the lessons best by seeing lots of code examples - I hope he gets the chance to provide us with many more demos!

posted by:   Nick     2-Feb-2011/4:08:38-8:00

Thanks a lot Nick.

posted by:   Endo     3-Feb-2011/3:07:55-8:00

thanks Nick for the details.
kaj, how do I define better?
I would say among others more modern look, more widgets, easier to program, more productive, better documented than Vid or more intuitive. that's quite a mouthful...isn't it ?

posted by:   yuem     4-Feb-2011/22:27:40-8:00

The screenshots sure look a lot more modern than VID. The data flow programming is very different from regular REBOL, so it should be easier and more productive if you can get used to it. I don't know about the widget set and especially the documentation, but not much is required to outdo VID there, so it will probably sort itself out with some more development time.

posted by:   Kaj     5-Feb-2011/17:33:12-8:00