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Full Circle

Every couple decades, just like styles of clothing, what was long uncool becomes stylish again:
I hope this style trend makes a big return, and sticks around for a while.

posted by:   Nick       8-Oct-2017/8:10:17-7:00

BTW, has anyone used IMGUI for a project?

posted by:   Nick       8-Oct-2017/9:54:44-7:00

I can not at all believe you wrote about this as I've been spending hours and hours looking at GUI systems(I'm always going back to this) and came up with "Immediate Mode Graphical User Interfaces" (IMGUI)like you and read a bit about it. These are being pushed by game designers. The object oriented GUI stacks have become bloated piles of undecipherable gobbledygook that it takes you twice as long to learn and program the GUI than it does the program that you want to write.
There's several people working on this. One library that I found seems to be fairly complete.
Look at the examples, they look good. So here's my thinking if this was linked with R3 but substituting the calls with VID dialects, amazing how similar the simple calls are to VID, maybe it would work out and it's a maintained library that supposedly is basic C++ and so is cross platform. Here's a great video by one of the game designers that inspired the library to be created.
MollyRocket video (Immediate-Mode Graphical User Interfaces - 2005)
Even better here's something Nick I think would be interested in. Nick has always said he wanted to run Rebol in a browser, the whole thing. Here's a step in that direction. There's a feature called webassembly designed to run C++ in a browser.
And here is a guy working on running the ImGUI library in a browser. It's just a hop, skip and a jump to including all of R3 or more likely RenC combined with ImGUI and you have a complete R3 in a browser.

posted by:   Sam the Truck       1-Nov-2017/11:55:23-7:00

I might add this is exactly what I've been saying about RED. To make RED work you need to get the thing running and feature complete. The GUI as long as it looks modern will be fine. If all the time spent fooling with making all the GUI's look native was spent on a simple "paint" type program that could capture the look of a GUI from an onscreen capture then copy that to whatever control element you wished to use then RED could be ported rapidly to anywhere and every where. You could even make new widgets by painting them and then add attributes,(text or numerical levels or radio dots(on/off) or knob values or whatever, to them in the paint program. The paint program would do all the low level stuff, you would save it to a file named for the widget and you would just call whatever name you gave the widget in VID or cut and paste the file into your program.
The other killer program to add to RED is substituting main processor instructions,(processing), for graphics chip calls to speed up graphics using the graphics processor. This could be an add on worked on last. Using the graphics processors speeds up things a lot. This could be done, I think, with Vulcan. This is another thing pushed by game developers as OpenGL is too damn slow, too damn voluminous, too confusing and too big. Vulcan is a big push by all the game people and the graphic cards manufacturers so it will be well supported. It also breaks down the calls needed into little parts that could be slipped in at the lower level while leaving all the stuff at the top,(VID), alone.
All the signs are that what Carl talked about, bloat, is starting to choke the whole industry. The mass of crude is so thick that it's all anyone can do just to get any programs written. No one can keep all these "necessary" libraries in their heads. Think if RenC or RED could run on all platforms, in a browser or be complied for all new platforms easily with a nice GUI that could be modded in any way you want and widgets added easily. It would take over.

posted by:   Sam the Truck       1-Nov-2017/12:55:58-7:00

https://pbrfrat.com/post/imgui_in_browser.html is really cool. That's exactly what I was hoping for with R3-GUI, but this community had very little interest in porting the GUI. I'd still pay to have R3-GUI ported to web, iPhone, etc.

posted by:   Nick       2-Nov-2017/7:19:22-7:00

I think this might also interest you also. It has the same ability to to be run in a browser as it's C language so I' assuming it could be compiled like IMGUI. I bet it would work great for portable stuff as they only have a small amount of active elements on each page.
Zero Memory Widget
It hasn't been worked on since 2009 but...you know some things are just done. It works off of the (GIMP Drawing Kit) library which is the underlay of GTK+ windowing system and the library for the GIMP paint program which can do lots of stuff graphics wise.. Seems it covers most of the stuff the AGG library and more but has some functions to handle cursors, drag and drop and a few other nice functions. It also is ported to several systems, windows, X11, etc. It would be great for RED or R3(might save RED a lot of time writing interfaces to various OS systems from scratch). It does look ugly compared to the examples in the IMGUI. He says it will work on a 150MHZ computer fine so any phone these days can handle that.
Anyways I'll stop babbling these two are the ones I've found that seem most interesting and can be integrated.

posted by:   Sam the Truck       2-Nov-2017/10:32:12-7:00

There are so many alternatives to the heavy standard tool sets that are most common. It's great to see that some people still work towards providing improvements.

posted by:   Nick       2-Nov-2017/10:55:19-7:00



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