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Rebol Conference plus Rebol Talk to Philly Lambda

I would like to remind people that the Rebol conference is the weekend after the 4th of July.
If anyone is nearby and would like to come, Elsevier (a kind of fancy publishing place) is hosting a pre-conference talk (they apparently sponsor a lot of tech talks in the area):
But that's really just to try and get some locals to come to the conference.
I am for the month of July a Philadelphian, and would be nice to see any of you here.

posted by:   Fork     24-Jun-2019/11:26:17-7:00

I will also mention that if your hesitance to attend is based on not being able to navigate Philadelphia or not being sure where to stay, we can help. There are boots on the ground here. :-)

posted by:   Fork     24-Jun-2019/12:16:11-7:00