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How to use a face in a layout?

Where can I find an example of a view including a
make face
and a button?

posted by:   OneArb     6-Dec-2018/4:34:07-8:00

my-window: center-face make face [
     size: 220x50
my-window/pane: collect [
     keep make-face/spec 'button [
         size: 200x30
         offset: 10x10
         text: "Press"
         action: [alert "Pressed!"]
view my-window

posted by:   Chris     6-Dec-2018/12:32:53-8:00

More generally:

posted by:   Chris     6-Dec-2018/12:38:37-8:00

I am trying to create a custom face I can reuse in a layout.
How can I create a face I can use like a standard face?

posted by:   OneArb     11-Dec-2018/10:56:30-8:00

Do you have some pseudocode for what you're trying to do?
You can customize buttons or other custom styles in VID using STYLE and STYLIZE:
view layout [
     style BLUE-BUTTON: BUTTON blue with [
         additions-to-the-underlying-face-object: yes
     blue-button "I'm Blue"
     blue-button "So am I"

posted by:   Chris     16-Dec-2018/23:10:05-8:00