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My algorithmic art

208 algorithmic art images made with REBOL:
Do You like those? :)

posted by:   Keckman       29-Sep-2018/12:45:03-7:00

Very cool, thank you! Thank you for the code at https://kuvaklubi.fi/forum/viewtopic/tid/771/

posted by:   Nick       29-Sep-2018/21:17:53-7:00

Information on how you did it? Example code?

posted by:   Anonymous       29-Sep-2018/23:17:53-7:00

Never mind, got it

posted by:   Anonymous       29-Sep-2018/23:20:36-7:00

Thanks Nick, that You like :)
Here is a very little code example how I did smile faces:
R E B O L []
maxx: 3500
maxy: 2500
plot: copy[]
print "wait"
for i 1 100 1 [
    radius: 100 + random 300
    linewidth: 0.1 * radius
    x: random maxx
    y: random maxy
    append plot compose [
        fill-pen yellow
        line-width (linewidth)
        circle (as-pair x y) (radius) ; head
        arc (as-pair x y) (as-pair (0.7 * radius) (0.7 * radius)) 0 180 ; mouth
         circle (as-pair (x - (radius * 0.3)) (y - (radius * 0.3))) (linewidth) ; left eye
         circle (as-pair (x + (radius * 0.3)) (y - (radius * 0.3))) (linewidth) ; right eye
main: layout [
panel1: box (as-pair (maxx) (maxy)) white effect reduce ['draw plot]
kuva: to-image main
save/png to-file "smile.png" kuva
And here is code how I made this cool circles in spiral image...
But sorry, comments only in finnish.

posted by:   Keckman       30-Sep-2018/6:09:43-7:00

I just found new idea to make cool image (in my opinion)
This is the code:
R E B O L []
maxx: 3500
maxy: 2500
x0: maxx / 2
y0: maxy / 2
plot: copy[]
radius: maxy / 2
dangle: 1
print "wait"
for k1 1 10 1 [
    for k2 1 10 1 [
        x1: x0 + radius
        y1: y0     
        for angle dangle 360 dangle [
            x2: x0 + (radius * cosine (k1 * angle))
            y2: y0 + (radius * sine (k2 * angle))
            append plot compose [
                line (as-pair x1 y1) (as-pair x2 y2)
            x1: x2
            y1: y2        
main: layout [
    box (as-pair (maxx) (maxy)) white effect reduce ['draw plot]
kuva: to-image main
save/png to-file "_ymp.png" kuva
And this is the result image:
(I'm always happy when I found new ideas of making images :)

posted by:   Keckman       30-Sep-2018/7:05:05-7:00

Little colours: http://petke.info/multiplyanglecolours.jpg
With this code: http://petke.info/multiplyanglecolours.r

posted by:   Keckman       30-Sep-2018/10:45:22-7:00

Finnish seems to get translated fairly well by Google :)

posted by:   Nick       30-Sep-2018/12:57:39-7:00



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