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Installing Rebol in a Mac OS

Hi! I would like to install the Rebol/view in a Mac for my daughter (I use PC) but I am unable to run it. Other than downloading the file, what should I do? Instructions at Rebol are too sparse for me.
Thanks in advance!

posted by:   Brother Damian     3-Dec-2018/14:57:55-8:00

Hi Brother Damian,
Do you have the right binary downloaded?
On http://www.rebol.com/downloads.html is should be the /View version (Not the /Core) that is for INTEL (not the PPC) so it should be the rebol-view-278-2-5.tar.gz one.
MacOs can extract this (Unarchiver) or else use 7zip program. It should be possible to run it.
If not please report which version of MacOS your daughter is using, perhaps somebody else (I am stuck on 10.6.9) can confirm the problem or help out more.
Good luck!

posted by:   iArnold     4-Dec-2018/2:46:40-8:00

I'm running Rebol/View on the latest OS (10.14.1). It grumbles a little, but still works.
Is the binary executable?
     chmod +x rebol
You should be able to get the console up by using Terminal:
     path/to/rebol -iqvs
i - no install
q - quiet
v - no viewtop
s - secure

posted by:   Chris     4-Dec-2018/18:49:55-8:00

I'd strongly recommend the article 'Rebol and the Shell' as the best way to use Rebol of any kind on Mac:

posted by:   Chris     4-Dec-2018/18:51:48-8:00

Thanks everybody for the recommendations. I was able to untar the file. In fact, this version of the MacOS did have already the ability to decompress it without the need to install other tools. I also discovered that OS would not run the Rebol file because it was not downloaded from iTunes nor it was from a "recognized" publisher. However, I went to the control panel afterwards, to security settings, and found an option to run the file nonetheless. I hope that this experience happens to be standard enough to be useful to others.
Thanks again!

posted by:   Brother Damian     5-Dec-2018/8:31:12-8:00