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Rebol/Command Release Date?

On the updated rebol.com main site it says the formerly commercial Rebol/Command release will be free when the "building in the cloud" project is done. What does that mean? Any idea when I'll be able to download it and get the SQL libraries.

posted by:   R     14-Jul-2018/20:00:59-7:00

I suspect it's a pie in the sky project. Carl never got back to any of us about rebuilding the websites.

posted by:   Graham     14-Jul-2018/20:46:37-7:00

So I guess I'll just have to wait on Red to implement those? I don't recall seeing that in the roadmap.

posted by:   R     14-Jul-2018/22:19:36-7:00

Why wait for Red when r3/hf has ODBC, and mysql already?

posted by:   Graham     15-Jul-2018/0:26:01-7:00

Can you send me a link on R3 ODBC?

posted by:   R     20-Jul-2018/18:01:24-7:00