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Cannot download package

I ran repack.r and repack-core.r - want to download geekwithin.r. Rebol is returning error "Bad cgi..." and "request failed... rebol.org says error trap. [900 0 "error trap]". Any way to get copy of the geekwithin.r package?

posted by:   Danie     11-Jan-2018/2:16:04-8:00


posted by:   Graham     11-Jan-2018/3:11:18-8:00

Thanks Graham. I ran the script from the Rebol colsole but only got back error messages as per my previous post.

posted by:   Danie     11-Jan-2018/5:09:05-8:00


posted by:   Danie     11-Jan-2018/5:10:07-8:00

Sorry. Console. On cell.

posted by:   Danie.     11-Jan-2018/5:11:19-8:00