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REBOL Code Editor recommended on LINUX machine ?

Hi there ,
may i ask for a recommendation about a Rebol Code
Editor that works on a Linux machine ?

posted by:   Mennohexo     29-Jul-2017/17:46:59-7:00

It depends...on what features one wants - or does not want. The community was once polled to discover the best liked or most used editor.    
Rebol's built-in editor never got a mention.
It might be that the best Rebol editor for Linux and other operating systems, could be cobbled together from the built in editor and the editor scripts that can be found in the Rebol Script Library.    
If I might also comment on the Surfstick issue mentioned in the UDP post, I don't find the problem unusual. I use 3G wireless internet exclusively. These days its almost flawless - but not always. A decade ago there were many disconnects, depending the the carrier. Your gear might not be handling a disconnect all that well - until you pull the usb and have it start over again.

posted by:   Cal     30-Jul-2017/22:20:43-7:00

If you're going to try the built in editor, it needs at least undo/redo and a few other basic features. Try this:
if not exists? %e [write %e read http://re-bol.com/e]
do %e

posted by:   Nick     31-Jul-2017/2:03:54-7:00

Yes i have started the build in Editor.
I type editor none in the Rebol CMD.
It's the best choice in LINUX.

posted by:   Mennohexo     31-Jul-2017/3:32:29-7:00

Here's the beginning of a little editor which uses rebgui (from http://re-bol.com/examples.txt ):
R E B O L [title: "RebGUI Text Editor"]
unless exists? %ui.dat [
     write %ui.dat read http://re-bol.com/ui-editor.dat
do load-thru http://re-bol.com/rebgui.r    ; Build#117
; do %rebgui.r
filename: %temp.txt
make-dir %./edit_history/
backup: does [
     if ((length? x/text) > 0) [
         write rejoin [
             last split-path filename
             "_" now/date "_"
             replace/all form now/time ":" "-"
         ] x/text
ctx-rebgui/on-fkey/f5: does [
     write filename x/text
     launch filename
display/maximize/close "RebGUI Editor" [
     menu #LW data [
         "File" [
             " New " [
                 if true = question "Erase Current Text?" [
                     filename: %temp.txt set-text x copy ""
             " Open " [
                 filetemp: to-file request-file/file filename
                 if filetemp = %none [return]
                 set-text x read filename: filetemp
             " Save " [
                 write filename x/text
             " Save As " [
                 filetemp: to-file request-file/save/file filename
                 if filetemp = %none [return]
                 write filename: filetemp x/text
             " Save and Run " [
                 write filename x/text
                 launch filename
             " Print " [
                 write %./edit_history/print-file.html rejoin [
                     {<}{pre}{>} x/text {<}{pre}{>}
                 browse %./edit_history/print-file.html
             " Quit " [
                 if true = question "Really Close?" [backup quit]
         "Options" [
             " Appearance " [request-ui]
         "Help" [
             " Shortcut Keys " [
                 alert trim {
                     F5:     Save and Run
                     Ctrl+Z: Undo
                     Ctrl+Y: Redo
                     Esc:     Undo All
                     Ctrl+S: Spellcheck
     ] return
     x: area #LHW
] [
     if true = question "Really Close?" [backup quit]

posted by:   Nick     31-Jul-2017/10:09:59-7:00

That examples demonstrates some actually useful features such an an automatic version backup system (saves to files with a date/time stamp), save and run (with F5 shortcut key), and all the nice features of RebGUI (undo/redo, resizing, spellcheck, trapping of application close (with auto backup), color scheme settings, etc.)

posted by:   Nick     31-Jul-2017/10:18:19-7:00

Thank you Nick , the Editor works !!!
This is helping me a lot on LINUX.
By the way : my new Nickname as Programmer is -
fight against complexity

posted by:   Mennohexo - now BARBARIAN PROGRAMMER     31-Jul-2017/16:13:30-7:00

I like the handle. BTW, I use a router in my 3G internet set up. Might make a difference in how well poor signal are handled. Routers that use a 3G dongle or Surfstick are very portable - but I have found that finding compatible modems to be very difficult.
Slightly larger routers that accept SIM cards just don't have the Surfstick compatibility issue.    
Using a mobile (cell) phone as the gateway to the internet might determine if a router could resolve the connection issues.
I think there was once an editor in REBOL that had coloured text, but can't recall it exactly.
Great editor Nick. Changing the font size...at last!
And being from the old days, green text on a black background, much appreciated. Easy on the eyes.

posted by:   Cal     31-Jul-2017/18:22:02-7:00