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waht is the difference between a port and a port ?

Hi there ,
what is the difference between a rebol language
port and
the computer ports - the local ports such like
                     TCP UDP Ports.
The same name port and port makes someone to think
about that.

posted by:   Mennohexo     27-Jul-2017/10:24:20-7:00

probe a rebol port and you'll see.

posted by:   Graham     29-Jul-2017/20:55:54-7:00

Rebol ports generally represent some data source/target which can be manipulated using familiar series functions and object constructs. Network ports are one such source, but email accounts, the local file system, sound device, and others can be opened and closed as ports. Ports typically provide fine grained access/info/control over each data value and/or property of a port. Take a look at:

posted by:   Nick     29-Jul-2017/22:00:32-7:00

Ya , interesting stuff.
i have the Sterjo Netstalker to see EVERY port that is open. surprised how many UDP ports are normally open by using a operating system such like windows.

posted by:   Mennohexo     30-Jul-2017/8:37:28-7:00