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Does anyone have a function that can parse a PDF file and import the text?

posted by:   Bektash     16-Sep-2010/22:39:14-7:00

I don't - I did use this program once: http://www.colorpilot.com/extract-pdf-text.html#license

posted by:   Nick     18-Sep-2010/0:26:27-7:00

Anton has ...

posted by:   Graham     18-Sep-2010/20:19:57-7:00

Any idea where? (on http://anton.wildit.net.au/rebol ?)

posted by:   Nick     20-Sep-2010/0:24:19-7:00


posted by:   Graham     20-Sep-2010/7:10:05-7:00

That link has been down for as long as I've tried it. Do you have a copy Graham?

posted by:   Nick     24-Sep-2010/8:46:12-7:00

No, I never tried it .. I'll ask Anton if he has shifted sites again!

posted by:   Graham     27-Sep-2010/3:11:08-7:00

Anton doesn't have a site at present ...

posted by:   Graham     27-Sep-2010/17:32:16-7:00

I'd be happy to give him some space to use.

posted by:   Nick     28-Sep-2010/7:55:04-7:00

He's considering his options ... I suggested he host his files on Amazon S3, or freely using dropbox.

posted by:   Graham     30-Sep-2010/20:01-7:00