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want to make a screen independent mainwindow ?

Hi ,
i want to make a screen independent mainwindow.
Don't know where the screensize variable is containt in.
Here is the simple code.
R E B O L [title: 'Main Window' ]
view center-face layout [size 700x750 ]
size should be a percentage a the real screen where the rebol application is running on.
Let us say width 50% and Height also 50%.

posted by:   Mennohexo     24-Jun-2017/12:51:01-7:00

This ought to do it:
     view center-face layout [size system/view/screen-face/size / 2]

posted by:   Chris     24-Jun-2017/14:39:18-7:00

uh double message.
here. cool

posted by:   Mennohexo     24-Jun-2017/15:03:25-7:00

Hi again ,
is it possible to get the system size Width and Height in separate variables ?
size-width    size-height
The reason :
You want to input a field in your GUI that has a percentage length of the system window width.

posted by:   Is it possibel to get the system screen width only in a variable ?     25-Jun-2017/11:53:41-7:00

Yes that works.
Thank you.

posted by:   Mennohexo     25-Jun-2017/14:48:12-7:00