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WT... Anyone familiar with Livecode? Adopted by at least 25% of high schools in Scotland? Maybe somethings that could be considered by Rebol & Red here.

posted by:   Howard     10-Jun-2017/9:50:55-7:00

If you search Google for "Livecode Tutorial" you'll see my tutorial in the first few results:

posted by:   Nick     10-Jun-2017/14:03:57-7:00

I think Livecode is a really well designed system (I've purchased a lifetime license). It was actually the first system I ever used to deploy to Android, back when they first offered that, and their platform coverage is fantastic (all major desktop OSs, Android, iOS, web, Raspberry Pi, etc.). I think the Livecode language is a gem, they've got an open source version, and they continue to make improvements to keep it up to date, etc. It's a big RAD IDE which currently weighs in at over 300 meg, which requires all the normal SDK tools, for example, for Android. I like it and use it for the platform coverage, but I still think Rebol is more productive, and I love for example, being able to write useful scripts that run directly on my Android phone, without needing a desktop development system.

posted by:   Nick     10-Jun-2017/16:45:22-7:00

They seem to have done allright. Debunks some of the suggestions as to why Rebol never gained wide acceptance. Livecode is proprietary, although now with a crowd funded open source version. That Rebol was proprietary was often cited as the main reason for it's lack of acceptance.    
It was once suggested that the cost of Rebol's SDK was far too high for global sales. Yet, LiveCode commercial licenses seem to be much, much higher. Are they about $1,000 and $6,000? And Rebol's SDK around $200?
Marketing is thought to have contributed to have caused Rebol's lack of general and financial acceptance. Maybe. If RT got a buck for every download of View, it might have been awash in funds for ongoing development. No slight to C.S. either, who is amazingly productive and insightful. Sell the dialects I say!
Rebol was often criticised as an insular community, isolated from the general WWW in an Altme chat-room. I didn't think so. I found Rebol's site to have a lot of info. I didn't see that for LiveCode, yet it seems to chug along.
It has been suggested that to be successful, a programming language must look and read pretty much like the other generally accepted languages. LiveCode, however, doesn't seem to and like Rebol is easy to read.    
It has been suggested that the IT industry loves the complexity and obscurity. It seems to be most profitably exploited. Even IT disasters are hugely profitable - for the IT industry. LiveCode, like Rebol seems pretty straightforward. Perhaps Rebol even more so, maybe too much more so.    
So maybe it comes down to marketing. Although I wasn't attracted to LiveCode's current website or their price structure, or even their visual programming model which may be a key selling point. LiveCode does look cool somehow and maybe thats key!

posted by:   Howard     10-Jun-2017/20:04:01-7:00