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How to display tabs within a data grid ?

I am building around Nick's grid code:
View layout seems to modify the underlying data and remove tab(s).
Any work around to display tabs within a grid?
tab: #'^-'
text-data: to-block reduce [ (join tab 'tabbed text' ) ]
size-box: as-pair 640 480
aface: make face [
     size: size-box
     pane: reduce [
         tface: make face [
             text: text-data
             font: make font [align: 'left]
             size: size-box
system/view/focal-face: tface
system/view/caret: tail tface/text
view center-face aface
grid: []
append grid compose [
    across space 0
    text (text-data) white blue    
    text ( form 0 ) yellow blue bold
print 'After compose'
probe grid
screen: [
     button 'probe grid' [print 'After layout - tab missing' probe grid]
     g: box size-box blue with [pane: layout/tight grid pane/offset: 0x0]
     scroller [g/pane/offset/y: g/size/y - g/pane/size/y * value show g]    
view layout screen

posted by:   OneArb     12-Feb-2017/18:37:01-8:00