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Installing Rebol in Ubuntu

I have been trying to install Rebol into Ubunt 14.04 for the past two weeks. I have tried every thing I can find. If anhyone has the DEFINATE solution, including all the dependencies to install Rebol View and Core into Ubuntu I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

posted by:   tinman     27-Jan-2017/11:21:25-8:00

From a search of this forum:
Here's the instructions..
To enable Rebol/View console support in Ubuntu Linux, follow these instructions:
     1. Download the tar.gz file for Linux x86 - Fedora (Kernel 2.6).
     2. Open with archive manager (default).
     3. Look in the rebol-276 folder (or whatever version you've downloaded).
     4. Select and extract the "rebview" file into Ubuntu's HOME directory (the parent of the Ubuntu folder in the file system, or /home/ubuntu/ at the command line). In some versions, the file name is "rebol" instead of "rebview".
     5. Open a terminal window (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)
     6. Type "./rebview" (without the quotes), or "./rebol", depending on the version you've downloaded.
On some versions of Linux, you may need to run "./rebview +i" to install the required libs. For Ubuntu 10.04 and some versions of Rebol, you may need to run the following on the command line: http://re-bol.com/rebol_ubuntu1004.txt
posted by: Yuri 1-Sep-2010/3:34:01-7:00

posted by:   Chris     27-Jan-2017/12:10:40-8:00

There may be more up-to-date answers out there, I just did a search here for 'Ubuntu', seem to recall something more recent...

posted by:   Chris     27-Jan-2017/12:13:02-8:00

See also: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34524169/rebol-2-stopped-working-after-upgrading-to-ubuntu-15-10

posted by:   Chris     27-Jan-2017/12:17:01-8:00

The message from Yuri did the trick.
I want to thank everyone who responded. I greatly appreciate everyone's help.
Next time I have a problem I won't wait so long to ask!

posted by:   tinman     27-Jan-2017/13:33:40-8:00