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VID progress bar start automatically

In R2 VID, I know how to view a window with a button and a progress bar, so that when the operator clicks the button, some repetitive process starts and updates the progress bar.    
I am wondering if it is possible to have a script start, immediately display a progress bar, and immediately begin some repetitive process that updates the progress bar, without the operator having to initiate that process by clicking a button.    
I am thinking that it is not possible. In order to display a progress bar, one must 'view' a window, and when one views a window, the program is stopped at that point waiting for events from that window, and so can not start its repetitive process until the operator does something.
What I am trying to accomplish is to run a program that process a large file, and have the program display its progress so I know it hasn't gone into some sort of infinite loop. Currently I do it by 'printing' a record count every 100 records, which does the job just fine, but I thought a progress bar might be a nice touch for the visually-oriented operator.
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White     2-May-2016/10:22:01-7:00

view/new layout [p: progress]
loop 10 [wait 1 set-face p p/data + 0.1]

posted by:   Gorf     2-May-2016/12:38:02-7:00