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Sticky: IMPORTANT - Permalinks

To link to any topic in this forum, be sure to use the "Permalink" URL at the top of each topic page.    
Links which include "topicnumber=<#>&archiveflag=new" will point to changing topics as new posts are added (the topicnumber is it's current position in the topic list).    
Permalinks containing "f=printtopic&permalink=" will always link to the same topic, even after being added to the archive.

posted by:   Nick     4-Dec-2012/0:20:15-8:00

Try clicking the "Permalink" above to see the URL that should be used for linking.

posted by:   Nick     4-Dec-2012/0:21:31-8:00

Why don't you number threads?
There is also the cript for long integers:
Or you can start the url we the date of thread creation, so threads are unique.

posted by:   MaxV     21-Dec-2012/4:09:18-8:00

Just a matter of finding time to make the permalink the default display link.

posted by:   Nick     22-Dec-2012/23:35:14-8:00

hey i am new to rebol, may you give me some help with some good references to learn from? thank you

posted by:   jazyoff     7-Feb-2017/6:22:32-8:00

I'am using Rebol already long time - the best script-language. I can do things, that i can't do with another languages. BUT why the development of Rebol was stoped? Why i can't run Rebol-Scripts (with GUI) on Red or R3? It is the same language!

posted by:   unieasy     22-Feb-2018/8:19:32-8:00



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