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CGI web programming supported by REBOL dialect Meta

The Meta language now officially supports web programming through the Common Gateway Interface as a use case.
We upgraded Meta and verified that Meta programs run as CGI programs on at least Linux and Windows. They likely also work on other platforms. If not, please report it on the Meta forum:
Meta supports the most important features needed for writing meaningful CGI programs, such as environment variables and standard input and output in text and binary forms. Arnold van Hofwegen wrote a CGI tutorial:

posted by:   Kaj de Vos     26-May-2023/15:47:01-7:00

Is there a version for Linux (to run on Chromebook)?

posted by:   Nick     27-May-2023/17:03:57-7:00

Meta executables for PC are portable. They are able to run on Linux:
If you have a Chromebook with an ARM processor, you need to install QEmu user-mode emulation.

posted by:   Kaj     27-May-2023/19:15:08-7:00

αcταlly pδrταblε εxεcταblεs are pretty cool! ... and I got sidetracked reading about sectorlisp :)

posted by:   Nick     28-May-2023/18:38:02-7:00


posted by:   Kaj     29-May-2023/6:27:55-7:00



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