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R3 tutorial new chapters

I've added two new chapters to the R3 tutorial at http://video.respectech.com:8080/tutorial/r3/index.r3 - One on nested functions and the other on objects.

posted by:   Bo     10-Jun-2015/1:37:03-7:00

Added three new chapters on parse, bringing the total number of chapters to 13 now.

posted by:   Bo     12-Jun-2015/11:31:16-7:00

Now up to 15 chapters, and added QUIZ questions to the Try It Editor on most chapters.

posted by:   Bo     15-Jun-2015/17:54:27-7:00

Thank you Bo. Very very helpful especially with the questions.

posted by:   Mike Marinos     20-Jun-2015/7:00:15-7:00

Much appreciated Bo. Great effort.

posted by:   Danie     7-Sep-2015/5:33:23-7:00

Very nice parse tutorial in there as well.
Would like to see more on modifying the input, though, as it's important to know how to remove and/or change text that has been matched.

posted by:   Edoc     9-Sep-2015/9:47:31-7:00

Thanks for the tutorials. Much appreciated.

posted by:   Sam     2-Oct-2015/13:31:05-7:00