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Ren/C Forward Motion

For those who are not following what's happening lately with Ren/C, an overview of the status of the forks:

posted by:   Fork     21-Jul-2015/11:13:33-7:00

Fantastic work Fork! Thank you for the update, and for cleaning everything up for future use. If only this community could attract 100 more developers with a fraction of your skill, insight, and interest...

posted by:   Nick     21-Jul-2015/17:57:02-7:00

Hi Brian,
In order to spread the world about Rebol activity, is it OK to copy/paste the summary and branches explanation to some other places like RebelBB and http://rebol2.blogspot.com ?

posted by:   GregP     4-Aug-2015/5:56:18-7:00