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Red: How to Pass Authentication for HTTPS URL Read?

Hello, in REBOL2 I knew how to create a PORT spec with scheme 'https, host, path, and my username/password credentials, then get my data by probing the port state/inbuffer.
But now that REBOL2 won't support https, I wanted to try this in Red. But seems Red does not use ports the same way? At least I do not find the "open" command.
And of course a read attempt just returns "Authorization Header not provided".
I would appreciate any links to documentation on how to do the equivalent in Red.
Many thanks! -Jack

posted by:   JackKort       21-Jun-2018/10:19:21-7:00

Sorry Jack!
There is no support for I/O currently in Red so your attempt was in vain. Support is planned for in future releases. I will not go into detail but read the blogposts on the red-lang homepage, pay special attention to the dates of the articles and then estimate a releasedate for subsequential releases and decide if you are willing to invest the time waiting for it or invest the time to help creating a solution yourself.

posted by:   iArnold       21-Jun-2018/13:38:07-7:00

Just use rebol3 which supports all of this.

posted by:   Graham       8-Jul-2018/16:30:09-7:00



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