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Multi-target compiler funded for REBOL dialect Meta

Good news! The Meta language secured its first funding for further development of the language. The development is sponsored by New York Link.
The build service and tools will be developed further. The Meta compiler currently supports multiple targets:
- Web browsers, through the web console;
- Popular PC platforms, through the run.com command-line tool;
- Atari 8-bit, through the compile.com command-line tool.
While the build service is already universal, the tools are not. The compile.com tool will be extended to support multiple target platforms. You will be able to compile for PC without needing to run the resulting program. This is also a necessary preparation for releasing more target platforms for cross-compilation, such as Atari 2600.
The build service will actually benefit from being less universal. We will set up an extra build server in, you guessed it, New York. This will ensure our customer will have the best latency and performance for compiling Meta programs.
This is the kind of thing we can do for sponsors. If you're interested in funding your particular wishes, please contact us throught email to discuss it:

posted by:   Kaj de Vos     30-Apr-2023/15:48:01-7:00


posted by:   Nick     30-Apr-2023/16:55:42-7:00

Please post if you need help testing anything!

posted by:   Nick     30-Apr-2023/17:28:43-7:00

Thanks, will do!

posted by:   Kaj     1-May-2023/5:43:56-7:00

Do we have a link to New York Link?

posted by:   iArnold     3-May-2023/13:40:55-7:00

It's nylink.com but it's only for email.

posted by:   Kaj     3-May-2023/15:16:03-7:00

Ons of the honoris on the or frontpage features FOSSIL

posted by:   Arnold     4-May-2023/3:49:15-7:00

Sorry for autocorrect. One of the photographs on their frontpage features 'FOSSIL'.

posted by:   Arnold     4-May-2023/3:52:43-7:00

Where did you see that?

posted by:   Kaj     4-May-2023/3:59:35-7:00

In the middle height bit to the right of the center it is the picture with the red neon sign in the top right

posted by:   Arnold     4-May-2023/13:15:07-7:00

Sorry that was on link.nyc

posted by:   Arnold     4-May-2023/13:20:35-7:00

What URL? I don't get that at all...

posted by:   Kaj     4-May-2023/13:26:06-7:00

Oh, different NY Link, different Fossil.

posted by:   Kaj     4-May-2023/13:31:46-7:00

I remember using fossil - did you work on that project Kaj?

posted by:   Nick     4-May-2023/15:23:32-7:00

I selected it early on, ported it to Syllable and used it for my projects, including REBOL and Red.

posted by:   Kaj     4-May-2023/15:45:58-7:00

NICE! Much good will your way.

posted by:   Sam the Truck     24-Nov-2023/20:52:21-8:00



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