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R2 VID rate facet

I am looking at the source code for various face styles, and I see this line a lot:
rate: none
Does the existence of that line mean that I could apply the 'rate' facet to any style whose source code contains that line?
There is a bigger question behind this. I am trying to write up a little VID documentation for some other people at work, to leave behind when I am gone. I was thinking originally of listing every style, and then, for each style, listing all the facets that could be applied. However, it is starting to appear that ALL facets could be applied to ANY style, and the issue is not if it can be done, but does it make sense to do it. The answer to that question would influence the format of the documentation.    
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White     30-Apr-2015/10:09:04-7:00

Each style is an object with the prototype being SYSTEM/VIEW/VID/VID-FACE, so if a word exists inside VID-FACE, then it can be set for any laid out VID face.
Unfortunately for VID, the use of these words was done pretty ad-hoc when each style was created, so when you set a word directly, it may or may not have an effect.
For example, if you set COLOR directly for a face, that COLOR value may not be used, because it was already decided during initialization of the face in the INIT block, and is never used again. You need to write specific draw code for the face to use the COLOR word.
In other cases, a word is used as temporary storage for some other purpose, where setting it might immediately change it back to the previous value.
It's in fact a bit of a half-completed mess. The point is that you need to know what you can and can't set for each individual style and what effect it has.
Ideally, we don't set the face words (I don't call them facets) directly, but use accessor functions, like SET-FACE to set values for the face, but this was never completed for VID. I tried to remedy this with the VID Extension Kit.
I hope this is understandable.

posted by:   Henrik     13-May-2015/14:35:41-7:00