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The (partial) syntax of the request-file function seems to be:
but the documentation does not explain what a 'Filter of block of filters' might be. Can any one explain?
What I am trying to do is have a program request the name of a 'jpg' file, and would like it if the requester window would present only the names of jpg files, instead of all files.
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White     8-Apr-2015/11:53:03-7:00

request-file/filter ["*.jpg" "*.jpeg"]

posted by:   Nick     8-Apr-2015/15:01:20-7:00

Thank you. I left off the quotes. Bit of a head-slapper there.

posted by:   Steven White     8-Apr-2015/17:53:30-7:00

Seems incongruous-(obviously) not [%*.jpg %*.jpeg]?

posted by:   Ted     8-Apr-2015/18:34:02-7:00

I think that's because the /file refinement of the 'request-file function uses the file datatype:
request-file/filter/file "*.jpg" %img.jpg

posted by:   Nick     8-Apr-2015/22:51:53-7:00