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Does anyone know how to contact Cyphre?

I would like to hire Cyphre to port R3-GUI, if he's still interested. If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know. Or if anyone is still talking regularly with Carl, I'm willing to pay his rate for a port of R2/View to some new platforms. Or if anyone else wants the work...

posted by:   Nick       19-Feb-2018/15:31:20-8:00

I could make a token contribution to the R2/View project. My approaching fixed-income status would keep it a small contribution. Sometimes something that works is better than something that is perfect but does not exist.

posted by:   Steven White       19-Feb-2018/17:44-8:00

I appreciate that Steve :)

posted by:   Nick       20-Feb-2018/18:03:17-8:00



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