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HTML Email

Having trouble sending email with html formatting with rebol's "send".
The email just displays the code.

posted by:   Alan     17-May-2010/1:00:30-7:00

Could you post some example code please?

posted by:   Nick     17-May-2010/1:33:19-7:00

Wondering if I'm going about it wrong...
I'm sending the html page as the message content.
Is there some special header in the html or maybe a simple "send" is not enough and I need to form special email header with rebol?
The same html works in when creating email in outlook.
What code would you want to see?
html or rebol send

posted by:   Alan     17-May-2010/8:03:41-7:00

Alan, I haven't tried it yet, but take a look at the header that's working in Outlook. You can adjust the header that REBOL sends (take a look at the content-type):
email-header: make system/standard/email [
        Subject: "Your subject"
         From: address@yoursite.com
Content-type: {text/plain; charset=windows-1250}
send/header address@site.com email-body email-header
Also, take a look here:

posted by:   Nick     17-May-2010/9:34:33-7:00

Be sure to see this link also:
You can also hack the source of 'send:
     source send

posted by:   Nick     17-May-2010/9:49:40-7:00

Got it! Thanks, Nick.
I added 'Content-Type: "text/html"' to the rebol header.
I could not find refence to this option in any docs.
I thought that line in the HTML code was enough...guess not.

posted by:   Alan     17-May-2010/20:18:34-7:00