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Rebol Apps Store

There must be a great number of Rebol apps about that might be gathered together, to be showcased and promote Rebol. An app store could be created.
Some that come to mind - Cheyenne Web Server, this blog itself, maybe the medical record system written by Graham. There must be many more.
A showcase would promote both Rebol & writers. It would have more appeal to the general public and potential Rebol programmers than say, the Rebol Script Library.

posted by:   Felix     15-Dec-2014/6:19:55-8:00

In case you didn't see it, Chris's port of the desktop as "Webtop":

posted by:   Fork     15-Dec-2014/13:06:07-8:00

It seems like the Script Library is small programs for the purpose of showing how things might be done in REBOL. This is in contrast to programs that have enough features to actually do something, that is, solve a particular problem, have sufficient features, have no huge show-stopping bugs, include documentation, etc. What one might call "full" applications. So I do like your idea.
I myself have written a few simple (and I do mean simple) applications for work, nothing big enough for any sort of app store (tm), but I have experimented with the packaging. Everything is in one folder, with sub-folders, AND...since it is legal...I actually put the REBOL interpreter into the application, so a potential "customer" doesn't even have to download REBOL and I can be sure as many details as possible are under my control so the "user experience" is seamless. I can do that because the REBOL interpreter is so small. And then...the feature I like best...the application can be "installed" by just copying the folder onto a computer, and "uninstalled" by just deleting the folder.    
In my distinguished position as the oldest person in the office, I sit in a back cubicle ("where old programmers to go die" as I like to put it), tidying up the stuff I am responsible for, and I hear over the cubicle walls the woes of modern applications, the version mismatches, the going to dozens of desktops to do upgrades, the installing allowed only by official administrators, the incompatibilities with various other software, and so on. I am wondering if all this complexity is necessary, or maybe if people actually like it. It would be nice to demonstrate a better way, if there indeed is one.

posted by:   Steven White     17-Dec-2014/12:05:55-8:00

And of course, the source for the Desktop is: https://github.com/revault/desktop.rebol.info

posted by:   Chris     17-Dec-2014/17:46:11-8:00

At some point, Carl wanted to build a "Rebbrowser", a refactored version of the REBOL Desktop to act more like a browser. You type in a URL, and a program appears in the browser window. This is meant to make it more recognizable to browser users.
An app store could be built on top of a plain software repository. If you could use a REBOL based client on rebol.org to get software and modules, that might be useful.

posted by:   Henrik     22-Dec-2014/4:49:13-8:00

I think a Rebol app store sounds like a great idea.

posted by:   Bo     27-Dec-2014/0:32:43-8:00