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Who does rebolforum hosting

I had an idea for something I wanted to do for myself, and so in the search for ideas I was trying to figure out how this rebolforum web site is done. It appears that the ENTIRE forum is one mega-text-file, consisting of one REBOL block per topic. Within each block there is a title string, and then the messages in repeating units of text-author-date, text-author-date, etc. to the end of the block.    
This shows the power of REBOL. The entire forum can be brought into memory with one line of code (load) and items can be manipulated with the various series functions. I was wondering how that would be done with the other programming languages I know, and I am not immediately seeing anything as easy.
So the question is, does Nick have this hosted by a service provider that allows REBOL scripting, and would he mind telling us who that hosting service is?
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White     17-Dec-2014/15:57:56-8:00

If you're looking for hosting services support Rebol, then remember Rebol's other (perhaps most practical) aspect: installation is 1) copy binary 2) make executable. Most if not all hosting services are Rebol-capable even if it is not specifically included. http://rebol.info contains a lot of Rebol-driven moving parts (including Cheyenne + QuarterMaster) and was successfully relocated from Amazon EC2 to Digital Ocean. I'd be more concerned finding a good hosting service that offers SSH and Git (for deployment), amongst other things...

posted by:   Chris     17-Dec-2014/17:43:16-8:00

But if you're want Rebol 2 then you'll need a provider that supports 32 bit (as I found out just recently when I moved hosting providers). I have no idea about the status of Rebol 3 for this work.

posted by:   Brett     17-Dec-2014/19:30:42-8:00

This site is hosted at Lunarpages. I've also used Hostgater, & a number of other cheap shared host providers. Any host that allows you to run an executable on their server should work.

posted by:   Nick     17-Dec-2014/21:29:34-8:00

As long as web hosting supports CGI it's fine, then you onloy have to know/figure what OS is used.
Also, another forum is powered by Rebol:

posted by:   Greg P     18-Dec-2014/3:51:47-8:00

Be careful signing up for inexpensive shared web hosting. Not just CGI is required. Some hosts have CGI capability for pre installed versions of Perl, Python, and Ruby, but will not let you run a binary executable that isn't already pre configured on their server. Somewhere on this forum, or on AltME, I had written down a list of cheap shared web host providers which had allowed me to install the Rebol binary.

posted by:   Nick     18-Dec-2014/9:40:11-8:00

PS, about how the code works, to help with performance, I split the data into a front page file an archive file. There is variable which sets how many topics are kept in the front page file, and anything over that size limit is automatically moved into the archive file

posted by:   Nick     19-Dec-2014/9:13:43-8:00