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Lengthy Posts

166 posts in "An Open Letter..." - a lot to scroll through I agree. However, I like the order of the posts, from old to new. So inserting new posts instead of appending them - no good!
Instead, lengthy posts could be chopped into pages of say 20 posts. The last page presented first.
The order would be maintained and the the older posts just a click away in a page selector set of links near the bottom of page.
I suppose malcontents could write their own script to read a long and interesting post....

posted by:   Art k     26-Nov-2014/0:10:21-8:00

At the same time, it doesn't happen very often to have such long posts!

posted by:   GregP     26-Nov-2014/8:39:48-8:00

Agreed with GregP and the visitor who first comes to the thread should start to read at the first post that triggered it all.
Furthermore, I don't mind scrolling down, I prefer that over clicking through ten or more pages of a few posts per view. Perhaps a cookie could help place the page on the first unread post of the thread?

posted by:   iArnold     26-Nov-2014/14:50:38-8:00

I like the cookie idea. If anyone has time to implement it, I'll update the script (code for this forum is always linked below).

posted by:   Nick     26-Nov-2014/17:29:57-8:00