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do ¡¶Cross Platform App Development with Rebol 3 Saphir ¡· have a mobi version?

I often read book on the Ipad. Dear Nick Antonaccio ,can you support ¡¶Cross Platform App Development with Rebol 3 Saphir ¡· for Mobile device £¿

posted by:   Pharoer     23-Sep-2014/8:25:13-7:00

Is the HTML page not readable on iPad? Here's a PDF copy of the web page: http://gui-tar.com/r3book.pdf

posted by:   Nick     23-Sep-2014/21:57:39-7:00

I find myself still waiting for Red to become more complete (File / Web IO) so I can use it.
Meanwhile I use R2 to exercise (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Nick's extensive documents are a great inspiration and I thought I make them more accessible to myself especially on tablets but also on pc's.
Maybe others find it useful too.
Nick, Nenad and Ladislav:
I hope you don't mind me using your docs in this website - otherwise please let me know.
Pharoer, try this -it works on my ipad and note 10.1 as well as on phones and desktops
My code is very experimental (quick and dirty) - a reason why I don't think I can publish it (yet?).
However the rebol file that drives the page is below - it might show why we love Rebol - the language.
R E B O L [
    Title: "Rebdoc document viewer sources"
    File: %docs.r
    Date: 2014-Jul-21
    Usage: {
     R E B O L []
     do %docs.r         ;contains document references to be shown in app
     docs/select "nicksbusiness" ;preset to a specific documentation
     print [docs/folder ^/ docs/title ^/ docs/img-url] ;access items
docs: context [
     theme: ""
    items: [
     [ "Nick's Easiest Programming"    
     [ "Nick's Learn Rebol"
     [ "Nick's Business Programming"
     [ "Nick's Multi-User DBMS"
     [ "Nick's Rebol 3"            
        "Rebol 3"
     [ "R3 Saphirion whatsnew"
        "Rebol 3"
     [ "Red/System"
    active-doc: 1
    set-record: does [
     folder:     items/(active-doc - 1)
     title:     items/(active-doc)/1
     img-url:    items/(active-doc)/2
     markup-url: items/(active-doc)/3
     group:     items/(active-doc)/4
     theme:     items/(active-doc)/5
     return none
    select: func [folder-name [string!]][
     return if error? try [
        active-doc: 1 + index? find items folder-name
docs/select "nickseasieast"

posted by:   ralfw     24-Sep-2014/0:07:58-7:00

in case a beginner wants to play with the above code:
the img-url entry in nickslearnrebol got messed up somehow. Remove everything from " target= ..... to the rest of the line

posted by:   ralfw     24-Sep-2014/0:23:24-7:00

ralfw, you can already use Red with FileIO and networking by using Kaj's excellent bindings available on the red-lang.org site at the bottom of the "Contributions" page. Kaj and I have created some commercial products using this method.

posted by:   Bo     24-Sep-2014/13:39:33-7:00