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REBOL dialect Meta released for web browsers

The Meta language can now run in web browsers. Here is a web console that makes it even easier to use (hosted by Meta itself, of course):
You can download and modify the generated web applications to fit them into your own web pages.

posted by:   Kaj de Vos     16-May-2022/13:58:58-7:00

I'm really happy to see this. I still dream of a full Rebol web development framework, with GUI in the browser... someday :)

posted by:   Nick     17-May-2022/9:09:22-7:00

Thanks, Nick. We share the same dream, partly. For the longest time, I made my web sites and web apps, such as the old Try REBOL site, as simple as possible, using the minimal features needed, because web browsers are primitive, monstrous and incompatible with each other all at the same time. I considered that real apps should be made with REBOL/View. But the world has little appreciation for that and favours slightly simpler installation.
With REBOL/View having been abandoned, I decided to go all out in supporting browsers. I still want to replace View for native apps, but I want to do the same for browsers.
REBOL's main problem is not supporting the features of other sub-systems, so I will start with layers that support native features, and then build REBOL-like cross-platform dialects on top, so you will have the choice at which level to work.
Currently I am in the phase of showing what's possible. It will take years to match REBOL's features, but I am making sure that Meta is usable long before that, on a less powerful level.
There are many more possibilities than I can implement soon, so at first I give priority to what I need myself. I am open to funding by others to shift the development plan to what they need.

posted by:   Kaj     18-May-2022/10:16:24-7:00



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