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So when I drill down in R3 for para, I get this.
SYSTEM/STANDARD/PARA is an object of value:
     origin         pair!     2x2
     margin         pair!     2x2
     indent         pair!     0x0
     tabs            integer! 40
     wrap?         logic!    true
     scroll         pair!     0x0
     align         word!     left
     valign         word!     top
I'm just trying to equate para with an accurate, more descriptive term.    
So far I'm thinking it a contraction of a French word?

posted by:   yoffset     11-Apr-2014/12:41:13-7:00


posted by:   yoffset     11-Apr-2014/16:38:23-7:00


posted by:   Lenoard     12-Apr-2014/4:47:06-7:00

Hi, I know what I want to do in my program but I'm not quite sure how to get it done with error objects and error tests etc. The idea is to make a function that is passed the condition I want to test for , the field I want to focus on when there is an error, and the message indicating what field it is . the error is alerted and the function returns an error value. Here is the messy code so far:R E B O L []
b: [ c f msg ] [
    if error? err: try [ reduce c]
         err: disarm err
         print ["Error:" Msg err/id " at " err/near]
         focus [reduce f]
         return 0
view layout[
f1: field
f2: field
button "val" [
c: [to-decimal f1/text]
f: "f1"
msg:"Yards Per Hour"
b c f msg

posted by:   john     12-Apr-2014/20:32:53-7:00

Oops, sorry posted to the wrong place

posted by:   john     12-Apr-2014/20:34:26-7:00