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http://rebolforum.com/ SEO

Doing a search on 'Rebol alt key' I get on https://www.startpage.com
http://rebolforum.com/ index.cgi?f=printtopic&topicnumber=38&archiveflag=new" target=_blank>http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=printtopic&topicnumber=38&archiveflag=new
However topicnumber 38 is now something else and content will keep changing.
Is it worth generating a page listing posts including 'New topic' string in the URL robot.txt?
If yes, remove SE indexing from the main page in robot.txt
Disallow: /http://rebolforum.com/
Allow: /topics.html
Allow: /rebol_quick_start.html
Allow: <all pages that may benefit from indexing>

posted by:   OneArb       26-Feb-2017/18:37:19-8:00



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