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How to run SSL/HTPS on Cheyenne Web Server

It is possible to use SSL/HTTPS on Cheyenne Web Server (http://cheyenne-server.org/) using stunnel or nginx:
All you need to do is setup stunnel to listen on 443, and redirect decrypted traffic to a local port that cheyenne is listening to.
You need stunnel to forward to a different port number which you will know will be ssl traffic. But that port is not open to the world. Only 443 and 80 are.
Here are some useful links:

posted by:   Endo     12-Mar-2014/8:19:21-7:00

Thanks Endo. A few years back, Sabu Francis used stunnel to send email using Gmail servers, without any changes to the 'send function (before Graham's secure protocols). It's on my list to look at more deeply.

posted by:   Nick     13-Mar-2014/11:43:38-7:00