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http://www.re-bol.com/ marked as infected by Bitdefender

So I tried visiting http://www.re-bol.com/ today and my antivirus Bitdefender marked is as infected. http://trafficlight.bitdefender.com/info?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.re-bol.com%2F&language=en_US
Is there anything suspicious on the website that could have triggered a false positive? Ads or something? Has this been a problem in the past?
I work at Bitdefender, and I'll get in touch Monday with some of the malware guys to get to the bottom of this.

posted by:   Lakatos     28-Feb-2014/14:51:38-8:00

Hi Lakatos,
Thank you for the report. I recently added Adsense to the page (several weeks ago), but only with the expectation that Google's services were secure. Please let me know what you discover. Adsense is not worth the tiny bit of income it provides, if it's going to discourage traffic to the site.

posted by:   Nick     1-Mar-2014/8:06:07-8:00

I've never heard of this being a problem in the past.

posted by:   Nick     1-Mar-2014/8:09:29-8:00