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First Red Android GUI preview

Doc posted a little teaser of what's in the works:
This is where I start to get really excited about Red!

posted by:   Nick     25-Jan-2014/21:17:24-8:00

This screen shot is on Android, and the code looks a lot like good old fashioned VID :)

posted by:   Nick     25-Jan-2014/21:19:14-8:00

In order to continue work on Red, Doc needs your donations. Please help him if possible - even little donations add up:

posted by:   Nick     26-Jan-2014/2:36:18-8:00

Very nice. Looks modern like the new flatter icons for Apple and Win8. Sleek.

posted by:   Sam     7-Feb-2014/20:23:25-8:00

I think that's just native Android API. Doc has said that's how he's going to handle the first run at GUIs for each platform, so that they look native (and don't automatically turn new users away immediately, as has been the case in the past with Rebol's old looking default VID styling...)

posted by:   Nick     8-Feb-2014/22:14:51-8:00

well I hope red addresses usb ports for transfer and such.

posted by:   ron     10-Feb-2014/7:34:10-8:00