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Rebol for Programmers Tutorial

I combined a bunch of new and old tutorial materials to create a really quick-reading run through for experienced developers who are coming to Rebol for the first time:

posted by:   Nick     22-Jan-2014/10:27:54-8:00

Thank you. I scanned through it here at work and already found some useful tips.    
I myself, at one point, started a page called "REBOL for COBOL programmers" to try to identify how my own programming background might be hindering my understanding of REBOL. I was thinking of leaving it behind when I retire since I also will be leaving behind a few REBOL applications that I wrote during the interval when we were transitioning away from COBOL TO something else, but had not yet identified what we were moving TO. By the time I get it done, there probably won't be any COBOL programmers left alive to read it.

posted by:   Steven White     22-Jan-2014/11:38:27-8:00

Hi Steve,
Is your Rebol for COBOL programmers tutorial available online?

posted by:   Nick     23-Jan-2014/10:43:48-8:00

I tried to find some free place to put it until I could show it to someone to see if it was worth keeping. I think it would make a "real" REBOL programmer gag. So I found the following place, where it is for now. I have found that if I don't go back and look at it at least once a month, they delete it. So it might not last there, but I have a backup.
I would use google if I could upload it in the format I want it, but I can't seem to. I also am considering the idea of moving it all to a makedoc format, but the downside of that is one monster file. So I plod along as is for now.

posted by:   Steven White     23-Jan-2014/16:40:49-8:00

If you lose hosting, I'll be happy to give it a home at http://re-bol.com
Also, I updated http://re-bol.com/rebol_for_programmers.html with some additional sections and organization

posted by:   Nick     24-Jan-2014/10:33:57-8:00

Thank you. I will make note of that.    
Now that the thing has become known, I will try to get back to working on it. The next COBOL verb to write about was SEARCH, which REBOL does with FIND, so I was stalled because I have to become a bit handier with the series datatype. Nothing like trying to explain something to highlight the things one does not understand.

posted by:   Steven White     24-Jan-2014/12:46:19-8:00

There are 399 instances of "find" in the text at http://business-programming.com . Take a look through the examples and lemme know if you have any questions :)

posted by:   Nick     24-Jan-2014/18:02:21-8:00

'Parse should also be on the list of "search" terms - to find and manipulate every occurrence of a string or item in a string or series.

posted by:   Nick     24-Jan-2014/18:04:46-8:00