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Free Consignment Software

I released the POS software used to run consignment sales at Merchants' Village, as a GPL open source project. For now, I put up a page with the download link here: http://merchantsvillage.com/Free%20Consignment%20Software.html
I also added a downloadable single-user Windows .exe link on the page above. That should make it easy for most users to check out.

posted by:   Nick     14-Sep-2013/20:51:42-7:00

I created a home page with a more succinct introduction (and a good URL):
and a sourceforge project:
Please add ratings and/or reviews if you get a chance!

posted by:   Nick     15-Sep-2013/11:42:36-7:00

submit response

posted by:   e - g o l     15-Oct-2013/17:26:12-7:00

Did you post a question somewhere?

posted by:   Nick     16-Oct-2013/5:17:25-7:00