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ChatGPT knows Rebol

I was surprised that ChatGPT knows hows to write Rebol code. You can type in requests for code, the same way you can for other languages. I had it create a hangman game. It needed editing, as is typical, but I was impressed with how well it did.

posted by:   Nick     19-Dec-2022/9:55:06-8:00

REBOL seems to be easier than Atari BASIC.

posted by:   Kaj     19-Dec-2022/11:11:12-8:00

It had an even easier time with Anvil ;)

posted by:   Nick     20-Dec-2022/22:48:42-8:00

It's true that in the classic game of getting on top in the alphabet, Anvil has Atari beat.
We'll see if Anvil appears in the next Blade Runner.

posted by:   Kaj     21-Dec-2022/6:15-8:00

Maybe Meta needs to be renamed aaaaaamta :P

posted by:   Nick     21-Dec-2022/13:05:20-8:00

I've been thinking about such a name for many years. :-)

posted by:   Kaj     21-Dec-2022/15:50:14-8:00

ZZecret, because it will be the secret tool of choice. Only people that do not think like all the others will start at the end of the list of programming languages.

posted by:   Arnold     23-Dec-2022/16:55:08-8:00



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