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Rebol3 ported to Android

Today Saphirion made their first successful port of R3 to Android:
To start off, I'm offering a matching donation up to $500, to Saphirion, for this work. If you'd like to donate, their paypal link is sales@saphirion.com

posted by:   Nick     20-Dec-2012/9:03:44-8:00

I've tested the above .apk on a Huawei M865C, and it works. Cyphre is working on enabling console input next.
I think Android presents a great opportunity for Rebol evangelism - and I can't wait to be able to use it myself!

posted by:   Nick     20-Dec-2012/9:29:17-8:00

Done... just sent a paypal to them for $10. I am a complete noob w/rebol as I've not programmed for years except for some python. But I like the idea of Android getting something like this.

posted by:   bmullan     20-Dec-2012/9:48:51-8:00

I'm glad to see this gaining momentum!

posted by:   Nick     20-Dec-2012/11:46:34-8:00

Thanks to you guys. This really pushes motivation. We keep working on it. Console input is next.

posted by:   Robert (Saphirion)     20-Dec-2012/13:37:46-8:00

Great, thanks your forks!

posted by:   limux     21-Dec-2012/10:29:12-8:00

Console input is now functional.

posted by:   Nick     7-Jan-2013/12:46:47-8:00