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REBOL Channels of Communication

This web forum exists to enable more open communication with the friendly REBOL community. Please ask questions if you have any!
There are several other active channels that REBOLers use to communicate online. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of this forum's home page to see activity on AltME, the email list, Carl Sassenrath's blogs, and more. AltME is particularly active, but newcomers often hesitate to join. To use AltME:
1) Download AltME from http://www.altme.com/download.html
2) Install and run AltME (some virus programs may complain, but it IS SAFE).
3) Login using the following info, and then REQUEST YOUR OWN ACCOUNT:
     World: REBOL-gate
     Username: guest
     Password: guest
You'll need to confirm the account setup steps by email, but that's very easy to do.
If you have any trouble with the process above, you can also create an account at http://www.rebol.org/rl-mf01.r and then request an AltME account at http://www.rebol.org/aga-join.r . By joining AltME, you'll find instant communication with a majority of active REBOLers today.
The best place to search for answers to thousands of questions already answered is in the archives at http://rebol.org .

posted by:   Nick     2-Jun-2010/11:59:31-7:00

I released this topic from the top of the page stickies, since the last addition was over a year ago. It will continue to be available, and eventually archived as a normal message.

posted by:   Nick     4-Dec-2012/0:11:12-8:00