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how do you get the ip address attached to my machine

I have a windows xp machine.
how can I get the IP address attached to my machine?
what is the command to do that?

posted by:   yuem     29-May-2010/22:57:37-7:00

read join dns:// read dns://

posted by:   Nick     29-May-2010/23:51:19-7:00

That's for your local IP. You can get your WAN IP using:
parse read http://guitarz.org/whatismyip.cgi [thru "< ip >" copy p to "< /ip >" ]
; (remove the spaces in the "ip" tags).
to-tuple trim p

posted by:   Nick     29-May-2010/23:56:30-7:00

thanks nick.

posted by:   yuem     30-May-2010/7:44:08-7:00

Here is another one, it is just returns your IP adress, no html output.
ip: to-tuple read http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp

posted by:   Endo     30-May-2010/8:53:37-7:00

thanks Endo

posted by:   yuem     30-May-2010/10:09:42-7:00

The link above is a REBOL CGI script (that particular one is by Graham), so can be configured to return in any format desired :)

posted by:   Nick     30-May-2010/11:04:48-7:00

Try this one:
to-tuple read http://guitarz.org/ip2.cgi

posted by:   Nick     30-May-2010/11:46:12-7:00

And the one at http://guitarz.org/ip3.cgi is even simpler. Here's the source:
#!/home/path/rebol -cs
R E B O L []
print "Content-type: text/html^/"
prin system/options/cgi/remote-addr

posted by:   Nick     30-May-2010/11:49:50-7:00