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RFO Basic for Android

RFO Basic for Android is really useful, and a perfect compliment to REBOL, for mobile development: http://laughton.com/basic/ It's the best on-device Android scripting tool I've found. It's really powerful: access to all hardware, sensors, file system, networking, sqlite, sound, graphics, etc. It's ridiculously simple to learn, 1 Meg download directly to your Android device, doesn't require ANYTHING installed on any desktop computer (it's a complete on-device programming environment), but if you do install Eclipse on your PC, you can create normal APK files which can be distributed in the Android app store. It's my favorite development find since REBOL. In several days, I've created a bunch of really useful apps.
This script connects with a REBOL server program, and allows me to transfer files to my Android device over any WIFI network: http://rfobasic.freeforums.org/desktop-file-transfer-t621.html

posted by:   Nick     8-Mar-2012/9:58:20-8:00

Updated the above scripts a bit. Really liking RFO Basic - it's simple and powerful, like REBOL. My Android is now a useful personal computing device :)

posted by:   Nick     8-Mar-2012/12:26:23-8:00

I uploaded a working .apk file of the above program to http://laughton.com/basic/programs/filetransfer.apk

posted by:   Nick     8-Mar-2012/13:48:10-8:00

Writing a tutorial for rfobasic right now :)

posted by:   Nick     10-Mar-2012/22:24:35-8:00

That's cool Nick! Thanks for sharing!

posted by:   Endo     12-Mar-2012/4:11:57-7:00

Nick, thanks for sharing your findings and work. I think I'll spend some time checking this language out.

posted by:   James_Nak     1-Apr-2012/10:14:40-7:00

Hi Nick,
thanks for pointing out this language.
do you code directly on the android device ? or is there a way to code on windows platform and then transfer over the final product to your android device ?

posted by:   yuem     7-Apr-2012/8:24:07-7:00

It's nice to be able to edit on Android, and I have forced myself to write a bit entirely on the device (AI keyboard is helpful with it's undo and advanced editing features). My preference, though, is to write on PC and then transfer using WIFI file transfer pro: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smarterdroid.wififiletransferpro&hl=en
No cables to attach. Just edit, transfer the file(s) over air, and load/run on Android.

posted by:   Nick     12-Apr-2012/8:05:10-7:00