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Connect to Oracle

Am trying to connect to an oracle database using the following:
conn: open oracle://db-server-ip/service
...but am getting an INVALID PORT SPEC. I have all the requisite oracle client libs installed (and can connect to the db via sqlplus), but cannot use Rebol.
Any idea on how i can connect?
Rebol version: Rebol View 2.7.8
OS: Windows 7 professional

posted by:   ecollage     10-Feb-2011/5:23:42-8:00

If you are using free version of Rebol View 2.7.8 then you can only use odbc scheme. Oracle & mysql supported only in pro versions.
Try creating a odbc dsn and connect using it which will work on View 2.7.8
     conn: open odbc://odbc-data-source-to-oracle
     db: first conn
     insert db "select 3 * 5"
     print copy db

posted by:   Endo     10-Feb-2011/11:59:56-8:00

Thanks Endo. Silly of me to assume that everything was available in the new release! Connected via ODBC and it works...
Here's hoping Carl will release oracle:// and mysql:// with newer releases

posted by:   ecollage     11-Feb-2011/4:31:51-8:00