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Saphirion's R3

Can someone provide a link to Saphirion's R3 for Windows ?
This link (http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/builds/ ) is broken.

posted by:   lm     8-Jan-2021/13:00:19-8:00

I have mirrored copies at http://re-bol.com/r3-droid.apk and http://re-bol.com/r3-gui.r3

posted by:   Nick     14-Jan-2021/10:57:38-8:00

That is for Android. Do you also have the Windows version ?

posted by:   lm     15-Jan-2021/3:55:37-8:00


posted by:   Nick     29-Jan-2021/10:00:14-8:00

In REBOL 2 there was this system thing called svv/vid-styles that could be accessed to get the names of all the graphic things that could be put on windows, with the code for each. Does a similar thing exist in R3? Or, is there some documentation for all the styles available in R3?
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White     29-Jan-2021/12:20:34-8:00



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